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Might it be that Obama’s election helped to inspire the dissenters in Iran? Most Iranians, from what I read, believe that all countries rig their elections. The election of Obama disproves that thesis. Is Obama’s election, therefore, one of the things that has inspired the reaction we’re seeing in Iran?

If memory serves, during the Cold War, some of our enemies would show their own people news footage of demonstrations against the US government. They would say the US is so bad, that even Americans don’t like it. Sometimes, the audience reacted differently: Americans are allowed to protest without being shot?

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How does Obama disprove that we don't rig elections, his race or party? To me you are missing step two there or I just can't see it with my skeptical eyes. I don't think his election has anything to do with this.

When I was living abroad, I knew many supposedly well educated people who told me, in all seriousness, that Bush would never surrender office when his term ended. Why? Because Bush was a tyrant, and therefore he would behave like other tyrants. The election of Obama shattered that myth.

I’m sorry, but you spoke to “well educated” people who believed that Bush was a “tyrant”, that it would be possible for him to stay in office, even though he wasn’t running for re-election, or particularly popular, and that America would just stand by and let him take over (something which no American president has done in the history of our country)?????? Where were these people being educated,

I agree with Brutus. This election may not have been “rigged”, but it was certainly influenced by media manipulation and illegal interference (ala ACORN), to what degree we still have yet to discover, and is not my idea of an election model other countries should aspire to.

Then their education is based on lies and fairy tales, as was mine. A new management team took over, but the board of directors remains the same today as it was under Bush.

Some in Iran at least claim to see it this way.

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