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This is just funny. Sotomayor is defending her membership in an elite all women's club by saying that she is unaware of any discrimination against any men who wanted to join. That is a stupid defense. Why not just ask what's wrong with a women's club? Republicans in the Senate: yes, we get the irony. We get the joke. We see the hypocrisy. Yes, if she were a conservative man belonging to a men's only club (are there still any left?), there would be an infernal cry raised up to the heavens and angry feminists everywhere would raise their fists in sisterhood. The prophet Obama would be forced to revise his prophecy. But picking on Sotomayor for this won't do. It is barking up the wrong tree. Sotomayor's most vocal supporters don't believe that women can be sexist any more than minorities can be racist . . . and normal people don't see anything wrong with single-sex institutions when freely chosen. So the way to demonstrate the absurdity of the PC disapproval for men's clubs is to embrace the good of women's clubs. There should be more people, not fewer, who are happy to claim membership in single-sex organizations and celebrate their freedom of association and assembly.
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I think this group once organized a "He-Mans Woman Hater's Club". They were most likely shut down and forced to retire to the club house at Augusta National.

Sotomayor’s most vocal supporters don’t believe that women can be sexist any more than minorities can be racist

The pervasive flaw of the GOP is it's inability or unwilingness to point out that it is the Democratic Party which is rife with racism and sexism. A lot of people on our side have internalized the lefts view of things.

JM: An example of bad wording on my part. What I meant to say is that Sotomayor's supporters hold to this view on race and that their view about sex differences (and therefore the inability of a woman to be sexist) is in keeping with that view on race . . . I did not mean to imply that I share their view about race. It is abundantly clear, I think, that I also disagree with them about sex differences.

I didn't mean you in the "lot of people", Julie. It was just an observation about the GOP in general.

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