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Even the WaTi thinks, with the latest, er, revelations about S.C. Governor Mark Sanford, that social conservatives have lost it.

I feel for Gov. Sanford’s wife and children and do think that he stupidly (and sinfully) ruined his political future, such as it was.

Should people in public office be held to a high standard? Absolutely! If they can’t keep the most solemn promise they’re ever likely to make, then why and how can we expect them to keep their "faith" with their constituents?

But how is this just about social conservatives? Sanford hasn’t exactly embraced that label for himself, focusing rather on fiscal conservatism as his political hallmark. Of the others mentioned in the article, only Bill Bennett qualifies as a genuine social conservative.

If, on the other hand, the issue is hypocrisy--not doing as one says others should do--then there’s plenty of that to go around, though cheating on one’s taxes usually doesn’t yield the kind of salaciously interesting emails that cheating on one’s spouse does.

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Perhaps it is because the other party is more tolerant of licentiousness. It makes no pretense of upholding traditional morality.

As to the marriage: the truly innocent party is the children. Prager today has a long monologue on this and he points out we don't really know much about the relationship. We certainly know what Sanford did, but we know nothing on the breakdown of the marriage other than Sanford strayed (not diminishing that transgression mind you), but it is something we ought to keep in mind.

Don't cry for him Argentina (or South Carolina). The truth is he really did leave you... He's toast.

Erik, for a party that does not care about traditional morality, the Democratic one makes a lot of noise about the failures of Republicans in this area. Tolerance? I have been hearing about little else but this story from my colleagues for days. "He is a hypocrite." Yes. "All people fail and this is a common failing." Yes, sadly so. "We should not judge each other." So you would let Sanford off the hook? "No! His political career should be over." Yes.

He is toast.

I think Democrats are very happy to have something besides the economy and foreign relations to talk about. I pity the Sanfords, all of them. It is hard to imagine that any woman, any one of us, or whatever Gov. Sanford was getting from that one, would be worth this mess he is in. However, I will feel sorry for her, too.

It certainly was icing on the loser cake that he was AWOL on Father's Day, too.

Here's Sanford's eloquent explanation of why he was for Clinton's impeachment (Jan. 11, 2008):

"And I voted to impeach, because I think that, you know, moral legitimacy is one of the precursors to a legitimate legitimacy."

He certainly put the social conservative spin today during his press conference that he seemed to almost relish in some bizarre way (his staff basically pulled him away from it):

"I guess where I'm trying to go with this is that there are moral absolutes and that God's law indeed is there to protect you from yourself, and there are consequences if you breach that. This press conference is a consequence."

And he agreed to step down as head of the RGA - big whoop. The real question is, will he step down from his governorship? Will he do what he has expected others to do in this situation?

"The bottom line, though, is he still lied. He lied under a different oath, and that is the oath to his wife. So it's got to be taken very, very seriously." That was from CNN's Crossfire on December 18, 1998.

On Fox and Friends on March 8, 2007, "My wife and I have four young sons, great little boys, but we're kind of focused on those guys. And then the rest of the day you've got your day job. And so like I say, we have our hands more than filled right here."

Hands filled, you say? Hardy har.

Of course, since we're discussing recent news of a GOP sex scandal and doing the "No true Scotsman" routine with Sanford, I must note the angry elephant in the room, Sen. John Ensign (D-NV) [Fox "News" there.] Anyone here care to make the Rovean claim that Ensign "hasn't exactly embraced that label for himself"?

I'm also curious to what extent public officials (particularly legislators) should "keep their 'faith' with their constituents" - for example(s), if a solid majority of their consituents, say, oppose a war, want socialized medicine, or want to extend marriage rights to gays (etc, etc). Should the public also have a right to know other things about the internal affairs of politicians, say if they are verbally abusive and hateful with their spouse and kids (although not committing adultery)?

So, where exactly are all the Democrats who openly brag about cheating on their spouses? The implication of the coverage of these stories is that everybody on the left is in some sort of "open marriage", but I've never encountered such people.

Perhaps it is because the other party is more tolerant of licentiousness. It makes no pretense of upholding traditional morality.


Hey Kate,

But of course you are right about the Dems. The point is that they play up the hypocrite card because conservatives make a big deal about morality and values. They see it as a political wedge, showing that the Republicans are charlatans--all the while they really could care less for the most part about all sorts of sexual issues--porn as free speech, alternate marriage arrangements, no fault divorce, etc (and that's where I say they are more licentious. Are you denying that part? There are certainly exceptions to the rule, but I just want to be clear here).

Your last para is another reason we should be disgusted with Sanford for he moved off the pages today the Iran fiasco. I wish there was more debate over that than this topic.

Don't confuse the role(I mean part) of governor with the person playing it. I think this sort of thing is a lot more widespread, this guy was questioning the banks so his time is over.

The point is that they play up the hypocrite card because conservatives make a big deal about morality and values.

The Democrats make a big deal about morality and values.

The principle of not cheating on your spouse isn't terribly complex nor uncommonly held (just as the violation of it is not uncommon). But if one makes the effort to attack others for their failing, (as Sanford did, voting for Clinton's ousting, and elaborating on his "moral legitimacy"), then it really should highlight (for themselves) how very seriously they are committing to that principle and the behavior that goes in accordance with it.

It's also quite possible, I guess, especially in light of the recent revelations, that Sanford really didn't believe what he said years ago. Or he's exceedingly akratic. Only Sanford knows, I guess.

As for his children, I would say that his behavior, yes, might lead one to question his affection, or particularly, his devotion to his kids - he was absent on Father's Day to go be naughty with his mistress, after all.

You're funny if you think I'm a Clinton partisan. Didn't some of those state troopers accuse him of a variety of fairly far-fetched things, though (murder, serial rape, etc.)? They should have arrested him at the time if they knew of this stuff. Perhaps adultery was still a punishable crime in Arkansas at that time? I don't know. But sure, they should've arrested him. Fine by me.

The reason that Sanford should step down as governor (and Ensign as senator) is because he has publically stated that one should lose their office if they engage in such immoral activities. He should walk the talk, right?

In any case, these people are politicians, not priests or ministers or marriage counselors (I hope!). I don't look to them as moral leaders on this sort of thing; their job is to make laws, public policy. Many of them (from both parties) are unadulterated creeps of the first order, I have no doubt. Some are decent, a few are exemplary in their personal lives [Ya gotta love Fred Thompson and John McCain's awful backstories, though!]. But one could be exemplary in this regard and still have horrible ideas and want to pass horrible legislation (regardless of the ideological perspective one's coming from). Also, as for the moral bellwether that adultery is (for some), this strikes me as oddly narrow. Again, if a husband isn't cheating but is negligent, cold, cruel, and verbally abusive to his family, but is able to get some family portraits on his website or whatever, he's probably in the clear with many who merely look to the marital status, and don't follow the pol around like a Natl. Enquirer photographer. I don't really want to know about their dalliances or read their sappy e-mails, but the folks who got this ball rolling with the Clinton Penthaus letters and who have promoted the NSA and co. listening to Americans having phone s*x (I'd love to see Ensign and Sanford's voting record on that stuff), think we need to know this sort of thing, so, well, this is what it's wrought, and it's rather grotesque.

Actually, Ensign never said a pol should lose his job for infidelity. He said Bill Clinton should lose his job for lying to Congress about it.

Don't go dragging McCain into the situation. McCain went through hell, and when he came out the other side, he was a changed man. Can't experience fire without a marring of the soul. And he's not the only guy to have returned from captivity and torture only to see his marriage dissolve.

His marriage to his first wife was as much a casualty of that war as his own body was.

Since it's veering way off-track from the Sanford issue (which is why my earlier remark was parenthetical), I'll just briefly note that Thompson's between-marriage behavior was widely (and reasonably) seen as that of a playboy (of course that always makes some women swoon), and his second wife is younger than his own children by his first wife. Now he's just kind of pushing the dirty old man envelope, at least according to most women I know. As for McCain, the separation with his first wife was spurred by, what he himself called "dalliances" with other women, well before Cindy came on the scene, and was with Cindy for 9 months while still living with his soon-to-be-ex wife Carol. McCain, to his credit, doesn't make excuses (so I wonder why some conservatives here do): "My marriage's collapse was attributable to my own selfishness and immaturity more than it was to Vietnam, and I cannot escape blame by pointing a finger at the war. The blame was entirely mine." Carol McCain said, regarding the divorce, "I attribute it more to John turning 40 and wanting to be 25 again than I do to anything else." Perhaps old codger Ross Perot put it best: "After he came home, he walked with a limp, she [Carol McCain] walked with a limp. So he threw her over for a poster girl with big money from Arizona [Cindy McCain, his current wife] and the rest is history."

What did I write, ArtDeco, that would make you think I am "an adherent to the view that marriage is indissoluble"?

Dan, if you think McCain has a marred soul (to use your terminology), was that a detriment to voting for him?

Getting back to Sanford, the default leader of (at least the conservative wing of) the GOP, Rush Limbaugh has now absurdly claimed that Sanford cheated because of Obama. Just when you think he's reached the bottom, he finds a new low.

Craig, to your last point, that was a Limbaugh over-the-top moment, although not hearing this clip in context, we do him no justice. (Not that doing Rush justice is something you are interested in.) In relation to Sanford's choices, it is a silly argument for them. Sometimes Rush reaches for the silly argument to make a point and here the point would be about the total discouragement many of us feel about the Obama government. That it is just what we expected really is no comfort.


I do not think all or even most Democrats are licentious. That is just not my experience of most Democrats. I do know many young people who would be more likely to vote for a Democrat than a Republican because in favor of the sexual freedom issues, though not necessarily the ones you mention, but call themselves "independents." I also know from the news that there are Democrats of the sort you describe. I meet a few, but must run in the wrong circles to meet many. Democrats I am related to may use fouler language than I (though, kindly, not in front of me) I don't know about the porn part, and even on the abortion issue there is ambiguity since they find abortion repugnant, yet "would not impose" values. Maybe that is the big point on social issues. Some Republicans "would impose" and there is where, yes, those colleagues I mention do see this as a wedge issue, claiming hypocrisy by Republicans.

As far as I can tell, most Democrats would prefer to live in a moral society, with moral people. My colleagues deplore the careless lifestyles of our students with far more vehemence than I do. They also believe, contrary to evidence, that people are basically good. They think that if we leave folks alone on social issues, society will be moral enough for comfort. Otherwise, they would have government intervention on all sorts of things, which I find incomprehensible. I think it funny that they rage against the foolishness of modern youth and claim the coming generation is a bunch of degenerates, while the young seem to me no worse than we were, which was bad enough. There are just so many of them.

Anyway, Erik, I may be confused about Democrats, but they seem a confused bunch to me. If they grow government and regulate to their hearts' content, they will be forced to regulate some moral issues. National health care will demand that we all live healthier life-styles to keep down expenses. Smoking, obesity, and even "unsafe sex" will have to be controlled for universal health. There's an imposition for you.

Too much blab and not time to edit -- sorry.

Kate, the link I provided has an audio clip of Rush's show with plenty of context before and after the relevant quotes (with him even answering a listener e-mail, that he's quite serious). It's nearly 3 minutes long and provides plenty of context, so that's not a valid critique of the coverage of what he said. And please stop using language that plays along with the Limbaugh-is-an-oppressed-victim game. He has 3 long hours every day to do himself justice, and I've logged more than my fair share of listening to him over the years to know from experience that quite often his show is composed of 3-hour concatenations of "over-the-top moments." Limbaugh: "He's [Obama's] trying to kill spirit...all this hope and change, he's trying to kill it."
Come on, if that isn't Obama Derangement Syndrome...

Let's not forget that Sanford started his affair long before the election, so that's a pretty bizarre "explanation" in any case.

But now Sanford is saying he won't step down. From contrition theater to utter shamelessness in no time flat.

You need to understand something about my commentary. I was a sinner of the worst kind, (not that I still don’t sin) the filthiest of dirty rags for many, many things including being intensely disobedient to God. I have never held a position of power and am probably as insignificant a human being can be. I know no persons of low worldly influence, nor do I know anyone of high worldly influence. I have never been associated with any organization and do not represent any religious group. I am just a messenger that no longer runs from His ever so tender voice to do His will!

This message is for those who hear and will do something about it. It is for those who are tired of God taking it on the chin from the progressives who would like nothing more than for God fearing people to just go away so they can hasten evil unimpeded. If you are likeminded and agree with what I have written please I beg you, please help me. It is impossible for me to get this message out without help. I beg you to help get it to the one’s you love who you know are dying spiritually. If you do not help them, who will?

When I first retired I spent most of my time on brainless sinful stuff. However over the past year or so I have spent more and more time becoming extremely aware of the darkness of evil swallowing up this great country. It is not that I have ever denied evil in the world but treated it as though it had some distant future consequence. To my chagrin I feel like a dimwit never grasping evil’s complete stranglehold on our country. Evil has become easily recognizable for me while others blindly shirk it off. What I find gut wrenching is to see the incredible swell of evil overtaking this country but what is sickening it is sweeping God’s people with it under the guise New Age! America get your head out of the sand! Churches stop worrying about offending someone, God is offended at what is happening to His people!

For what you about to read from this infinitesimal speck in this universe me, I have but one mission; communicate clarity to where this country stands on evil! Unfortunately it does not stand on evil; it embraces it while denying its disastrous consequence. People deny evil because they refuse to face the reality the only force on this earth that can perpetuate evil is Lucifer himself! Our culture is openly encouraged to permit evil because to rise up against it would cause ridicule. Most people are not strong enough in the Lord to thwart evil and why it is thriving.

One person and one person only got prayer out of schools and the results of that folly became devastating. Millions sat and did nil including me while watching this fiend get this passed without ever firing one shot. You better face it; the brood of vipers that permitted this outrage to happen is corrupt and evil! In our culture brood of vipers are also know as politicians! The same thing happened on the day President Obama declared we are no longer a Christian nation. One man, good God people one man spoke a dreadful lie and I heard no outcry from anyone, only silence! Was he right? If the President of the United States would speak such a blasphemous lie, who do you think he bows down to; his father and I am not talking about the father of his body. When the leader of the free world declares America no longer a Christian nation I know exactly why. The President takes his orders from his father because no God fearing Christian in their right mind would ever make such a statement denying Jesus Christ to the world! Another reason I know who his father is the President fully supports partial birth and botched abortions. Research it for yourself!

After the President publically stated “we are no longer a Christian nation” the following Sunday after that proclamation an astonishing event took place all across this land. All the churches emptied out into the streets and all shouted Mr. President, you are wrong; we are a Christian nation! The cry was so deafening it was heard all the way to the White House. What you say, you didn’t hear it; are you sure? I guess the President must be right; I heard not one peep from the church. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I pray you are not the one’s asleep.

Now let’s look at the other side of the coin strictly a fairy tale of course. Suppose you tell me what the progressives would have done if the President publically stated this instead. I, the President of the United States of America do herby declare the United States of America to be a God fearing Christian nation who believes the God of the Holy Bible created the earth and everything in it. Jesus Christ is the son of God who shed his blood for our sins, rose from the dead, is the head of the church and the only way to heaven is through Him.

However since we are a democratic society we invite any other religions to practice their faith and live with us in peace as long as they do not infringe upon our Christian beliefs. I further declare the Ten Commandments to be the law of the land. They are to be placed in every public building in this nation and they shall be taught in every school. You know what the progressives would do, there would be anarchy. However you do get my point.

Among the great Biblical events in the Bible the story of Noah and his family has been one of my favorites since I can remember. Recently this story took on a different meaning I had never thought about. I realized what happened in Noah’s time, was unfolding before my very eyes. It was hard to bring myself to believe that particular Biblical event to be so directly related to the condition of our world today. However if you really have eyes to see, take a close look at the condition of our country, you will doubt no more. NKJVGen 6:5: Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Why when Noah completed the ark no living soul other than his family went with him? Not one even though it took Noah about 100 years to build the ark. Instead of the people seeking God they just mocked. Never wavering but believing God, Noah and his family were saved. Our country is on the exact same collision course Noah experienced in his day. The Word of God is corrupted by the progressives and those who defend God are ridiculed. If you do not see this, you are the one with the deaf ears.

To those who know me will probably say I have become unhinged and you will be right. However this condition has given me a peace I have never known in my life. I cannot explain it, you must experience it. This has only come about because I am sold out for Jesus Christ. Jesus reached down from Heaven and pulled me out of the cesspool of sin for which I will be eternally grateful. To those who believe as I do it comes as no surprise. To those on the fence, be careful, those fence posts are sharp. To those who believe nothing oh that’s not true, they believe in something, will be the skeptics and scoffers. To those skeptics and scoffers, do so at your own peril! I have extreme empathy for those who will scorn what I write. However I am not seeking to gain anyone’s approval; I am only asking you to open your eyes as mine have been. We are in a spiraling downward trend in a spiritual dying world and in my opinion we do not have a lot of time left. Say what you will, think what you like, it is your life! If my eyes were opened, why can’t yours?

Statistically people professing to be black & white Christian’s (those who take the word literally of which I am one of them) have dropped considerably over the years. Many church goers find no problem watching Sex In The City, HBO and other such tripe. I also find many religions splintered and becoming weaker because of trying to middle road religion. Some churches are ordaining lesbian and gay people for the ministry; how lame is that? Can you explain to me why we can’t even stop pornography in most public libraries? How stupid of me, of course I know why we don’t stop it.

Some years ago in a small church in California the congregation had been preached for the entire sermon on dreadful board games. The preacher zeroed in on the evil, evil game dungeons and dragons. My wife and I sat there smiling at each other in approval of the sermon. We already knew that game was evil and it was great to hear the church speak out about it on Sunday morning. At the end of the sermon the Pastor drops a bomb of which I will never forget, ever. Just before the sermon is over, he says “but I am not telling you not to buy it!” My wife and I looked at each other in stunned disbelief!

A few days later I had lunch with the Pastor and asked him to please explain the end of his sermon. I said Pastor, after telling people the evils of the board game dungeons and dragons why would you say to them you are not telling them not to buy it? His explanation was quite illuminating. He told me that if he had not softened the sermon some people would have been offended and would start leaving his church. I thought for a few moments and responded in this way. I said, Pastor would you rather enter heaven with a few, or enter hell with many. He looked at me, half smiled and left. We soon moved to another church.

That was over 25 years ago and is the path the church has followed ever since. Today it has a name, (political correctness.) It has been rotting away the churches power otherwise the phrases below would be lies! I am well aware that Christ is love and this should be our first Christian action. However I am caustic because God is caustic. Political correctness in the church is probably responsible for leading more people to hell than I want to think about. There is one message of the Bible you cannot deny. If you do not repent, you are going to hell and you cannot get any more caustic than that!
Evil is rising faster than religion and here is the proof!

After each phrase please say either of these words,

(and I do nothing,) or (and the church is silent)

Oprah Winfrey and other television shows spew new age venom, corrupt millions,
Hollywood promotes decadence, then rewards itself to defile us more,
I see women practically naked on the beach,
I see women in church with tight shorts and mini skirts,
Government finds ways to stop home Bible studies,
Illegal drugs are epidemic in this nation, legal drugs given out like candy,
Most of the Internet is the devil’s playground,
Public schools destroy faith of Christian children; teach we came from apes,
Government is removing the rights of parents,
Millions of children are medicated to control their behavior,
Young girls are forced into prostitution, some as young as eight,
The educational system is a national disgrace,
Abortion has murdered over 30 million babies since Roe V Wade,
Using our tax dollars, Planned Parenthood kills babies,
Genocide is happening right now,
Judges behind the bench make laws and thumb their noses,
Tolerance trumps truth,
Aids is spread by gay men but sodomy is granted legal protection,
6 states legalize same sex marriage as one man one woman marriage crumbles,
Government has replaced God as provider,
Faith-based initiatives invite the government into the Church,
The IRS muzzles the voice of the Church,
Children’s service agencies separate family members,
Self-help books replace the Bible,
The Constitution is ignored,
Pagans pray to open a session of Congress,
Our elected officials lie and steal,
Private property is stolen by government,
Mother Earth is protected more than Father God is defended,
Congress rejects 2010 as the year of the Bible,

Here is a test for you evil doubters. Can you name me one governmental body in this country whether it is local, state or national that draws upon the Holy Bible for its inspiration to govern? If you believe there are some, you have the worst case of denial I have ever seen! Please don’t give me the dribble (separation of church and state); we see the effect that reasoning has on our country. Duaah, re-read the phrases. The evil that permeates this country is growing at a rate never before seen in history and will not be thwarted until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ or men of God stand their ground!

What saddens me the most is the majority of people don’t have a clue! If they did the phrase list would be very few. How does evil flourish with the amount of churches in this country is astounding? The answer is quite simple. The church is so deeply ensnared in political correctness, it has become afraid to offend anyone or it does not want to expose evil because it is evil. If you have a better explanation, bring it on! The church has become more afraid of man than God. How else do you explain it? Is there any doubt that is behind political correctness, non other than the devil himself?

I have great faith in God and believe with all my heart and mind the real culprits here are the weak churches not wanting to offend anyone. They are leading the charge of watering down the word for their father, the father of all lies, Satan! The God I know and love has given us His clear word and His word is trenchant and is without compromise. If you are in a church that you recognize as weak teaching milk toast religion, don’t walk away, run! I am growing weary with progressives who want to distort and water down God’s word. People, I truly fear God because hell is a real place but to many, a myth because they are blinded by the lies of the devil.

The responsibility for evil growing at the rate it is falls exactly in the lap of the church. The church must purge itself from political correctness and bring the fire of God into the laps of its sheep. When we leave church we should not feel warm and fuzzy all the time? We need to leave with the fire of the Lord convicting our hearts and minds. I struggle with sin every waking moment but praise God I am forever washed in the blood of Jesus Christ! Remember Christ Himself offended just about everyone. Why do we forget this, they killed Him for what he said! You cannot write evil off as something that just happens because you think you can’t do anything about it. You can do something about it. Find a church that has the fire and then pray, pray, pray!

What most people either deny or refuse to believe is Satan commands this world! For those who doubt I offer the inspired Word of God and is the only source I draw upon.
Satan talking to Jesus, NKJV Matthew 8:4 “Again, the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. 9 And he said to Him, “All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me.”
This is pretty simple to understand. Clearly this verse states that the devil not only has power (“the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory”) but it also clearly states who owns the world (And he said to Him, “All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me.”)

Now if Satan told Jesus he would give him all the kingdoms of the world then common sense tells me if Satan can give them away, he must own them. Now we know Jesus rejected Satan but do you think Satan stopped offering evil kingdoms to evil men? Not by a long shot. The United Nations is the best example. Other than public pressure humanitarian relief can you name me one intervention to relieve human misery? No they stood by while in 1994 800,000 Rwandans were slaughtered in 100 days! Today it is Darfur and it goes on and on.

If you think you can sit on the sidelines you are in for a rude awakening. To take a sideline position and do nothing is to risk your eternal salvation. Why would you do that? To those who do not believe, God help you! I offer you the following scripture,
NKJV Matthew:10:32,33 “Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven. 33 But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.

The Lord spoke quite clearly about the end times, which I believe without a doubt we are in right now. To deny this is ludicrous and can be hazardous to your health. The Lord also spoke about false prophets. Believe it or not, many are here now! Do you know who they are? I do but I will never reveal them to you but I will show you how to find them. You must do the research I have done, only then will you believe it. Here is how to find them. Start with prayer, look up each verse below and read the entire chapter over and over. Apply what you have learned to every ministry you are familiar with and you will never be deceived.

NKJV: Mat 7:15 "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.
Mat 24:11 "Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many.
Mat 24:24 "For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.
Mark 13:22 "For false christs and false prophets will rise and show signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.
Luke 6:26 Woe to you when all men speak well of you, For so did their fathers to the false prophets.
2 Pet 2:1 But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction.
1 John 4:1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

Now you may be asking yourself, what does all this mean, what can I do? It means you must get off your couch and do something! Write a letter of your own or like mine or use mine. Can you imagine if millions and millions of people sent this to all church pastors, local, state and national government leaders every day until the blockheads shouted uncle and then proclaimed the name of Jesus from every corner of this once great nation? It can happen, but it isn’t going to happen unless you get involved! Reading the phrases and adding either answer makes recognizing evil easy and you are no longer with excuse.

Do you know why progressive causes are given so many passes and conservative causes given so much criticism? It’s not really a mystery. Very simply, the majority of progressive causes are vehemently opposed to God and the majority of conservative causes are in support of God. If you doubt me ask Carrie Prejean.

There are probably many examples of evil progressiveness I could come up with. However one has rarely left my mind since it happened. It is one of the vilest progressive activities I have ever seen. Remember some years ago when some evil so called artist placed a crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist’s urine and called it art? What would you call that? I call it beyond lunacy! Yet thousands of people gave this insane person a pass and critics gave this idiot acclaim, yet no one called him wicked and even paid him $15,000 for his effort. He was a winner of the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art’s "Awards in the Visual Arts" competition, which is sponsored in part by the National Endowment for the Arts a United States Government agency that offers support and funding for artistic projects. HELLO!!!!!!!!

Another progressive cause is the glorification of the gay life style in America which is growing at a frightening rate since the progressives took power. As we watch current events unfold we can all relate to how progressives subvert the Word of God. This is a sensitive issue with many people in this country coming to the forefront from the Miss USA pageant, homosexuality. Although I respect Miss California’s response because that was the true rock and hard place to be in, she did not go far enough, (and I am not blaming her) her comment “I don’t want to offend anyone.” Offend anyone? Offend anyone; what about offending God?

People want it both ways and that is the problem! This is what makes me want to be caustic? We must be nuts, gay men are responsible for the spread of aids! If you don’ know this you must live under a rock. I sure hope you read what God says about homosexuality it is as caustic as it gets! If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death, their blood is upon them. NKJV Leviticus 20:13. Remember God brought down fire and brimstone destroying two great cities over deviant sex. What will it take to wake you up; unfortunately I fear the same fire and brimstone.

Good God America, there are now 6 states where same sex people can get legally married and more coming down the pipeline. How many more states will fall to this abomination before God says as He has said before, enough is enough! This illustrates how blinded people really are. When the New Jerusalem is lowered down from heaven read what the Lord says.
NKJVRev 21:2 Then I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.
My God people this so easy even a child can understand it. The Lord Himself describes the New Jerusalem “as a bride adorned for her husband.” Do you have any idea how high God must hold marriage that He would use this to describe the New Jerusalem? This will leave no doubt as to how much Satan hates God and his people to defile marriage so much to blind an entire culture to accept homosexuality!

Whether you believe me or not, I am convinced we live in a period that parallels the times just prior to the great flood and Sodom & Gomorrah combined! Go read the description in your Bible about that era and tell me I am wrong! I believe; because of the times we live in, now is the time to be even more caustic than ever. Even if people think we are nuts, it may get them to think. If we get their attention now by being a caustic nut job maybe when Christ removes his church and they are left behind I surely believe they will no longer be deceived. The progressives are always going to label us as nut jobs no matter what we do in the name of Jesus, so why not be one. I am a nut job that knows the instant I die I will be worshiping at the feet of Jesus. I am a nut job who stands on every Word of God and will not comprise even one word of it. I am a nut job whose heart has begun to ache for family and friends I know who scoff at the Word of God. I am a nut job that believes in prayer (and I need to do more of it) as I know prayer can change things. I am the nut job who would settle for one heavenly reward of just having people come up behind me and say, thank you nut job!

Clearly what the church has been doing over the years is not working and has been loosing ground. You must ask yourself why because your eternal destiny depends on what you learn. As we know Jesus was not politically correct and the more things he spoke out about the more they wanted to kill him. To me He was caustic and I am glad He was. We must not let the world water down our beliefs. Look at Hollywood. They are responsible for the biggest moral decay on the face of this planet, yet they are honored by both sides of the political spectrum. Where is the outrage? Have you listened to any rap lyrics lately; ever watch MTV? The devil is very caustic against God and not that I want to push people away but that is exactly what Jesus did. He presented his message and just like today people either accept it or reject it. I think what has happened today is the word of God has become so watered down you must be caustic to open people’s eyes.

Here is another example of how political correctness rears its ugly head. A lot of religious people are against gay marriage but have no problem with gay unions. Are they crazy? You can’t have it both ways. Now let me clarify something. I love gay people but abhor their sin. I neither condemn them nor judge them but as a Christian I have the responsibility to express a Godly view of their behavior. Believe me when it comes to sin, I have my share and could never cast the first stone. If you were a Godly person and you knew I was gay, would you stand by and say nothing? Of course not, you would surely, surely bring to my attention how God feels about what I was doing and you would quote me scripture of how He feels. I am fed up with progressives making a mockery of Christian beliefs while pushing every despicable thing they can and go unchallenged.

If you do not agree with what I have written, you are blind! Stop being fearful to speak out against evil! Through the grace of God, I intend on watching the devil in the lake of fire, not joining him. You have the free choice to either accept or reject that is certainly up to you.

Let me leave you with this. There will be those who do not like what I have written so to them I say if you have a better idea get on it, otherwise move over! Each and every phrase screams out evil in this world. If you do not see this as evil and choose to stay on the sidelines you will never see the destruction until it is upon you just like in the time of Noah the door will close and then it will be too late! I beg you, I beg you, and I beg you, please open your eyes and pray! Sadly, very sadly, few will have ears to hear my message; the majority most likely won’t believe it and pastors won’t have the boldness to preach it!

I do pray, Gary Ragone, but as you amply prove, sometimes a flood just comes.

Craig, you are right, I only gave the link you offered a cursory reading of the transcript. If my assessment of what Rush said was wrong -- well, I still don't want to go do all the reading and even spend the time listening. It just doesn't seem worth the time. You are quite right that Rush can take care of himself.

I also note that you are not saying, "What the hell are you Republicans complaining about? All Democrats, elected and appointed, in both branches of government are doing a bang-up job!"

Whatever Sanford's motives, should he step down over this? I am sure many Republicans do, especially the ones I know in SC, who have a lot in common with Gary R. as expressed in #21. I am expecting emails about God's coming judgment on their state and on the nation.

I missed a "think so" in my last paragraph.

"Whatever Sanford's motives, should he step down over this? I am sure many Republicans do [think so], especially the ones I know in SC..."

Nice job dodging the question yourself, Kate.

I am not dodging the question. I don't know. Since Sanford showed poor judgment, his political career should be toast, as was said above. Did he abuse the office of governor of SC? If so, then he should step down or be impeached. If not, the voters will pass their judgment in his next election.

That's what I think, so far. Want to argue?

His political career isn't exactly toast if he remains in office.

Art Deco has it, but I would add that Sanford is going to have a heck of a time doing much as governor after this. That is why he should resign, to get out of the way of SC state politics, which he hasn't hope of leading in any effective way. Even in office, in political terms, he is a dead man walking.

Kate: Thanks for the note. you ramble quite well.

My only clarification is I am speaking of the party in general, but specific Democrats--I live in Blue Dog country, so I can relate to much of what you said. It is odd to me that still, many blue dogs support their party on issues of morality. It is an odd disconnect.

If you want to take the temperature of party, Prof. Pitney has always said, and written, that you can gauge it in their platforms. Take a gander at them sometime. I think you'll find a huge difference between them.

Furthermore, read the book Why the Democrats are Blue and you'll see how the base of the party is likely 180 degrees opposite of what you believe.

At any rate, thanks for the thoughtful response.

That book is on its way. I won't actually be able to read it, but I will look through it carefully.

I know what the Democratic Party platforms are like and I know the sort of people who write them. That party's presidential candidates always do a good job of making those positions more palatable to regular folks, mostly by obfuscation. Republicans seem to have a party platform that regular people can embrace, but they are not very well served by their candidates' expressions of the will of the party.

"If that truly is the case, the question at hand is whether his career draws to a close now or eighteen months from now. He should resign, but I think we can allow him a decent interval to find a new job and get his stupid life sorted out."

ArtDeco, your partisanship isn't just showing, it's flashing like a neon light outside a flophouse window.

He can get his stupid life sorted out on his own time. It's time for him to live by the standards that he expected of others - that is why he should step down immediately. I'd bet he has just enough cash on hand to pay the rent on his humble studio apartment for the next 18 months. Sure, maybe his kids will have to start taking the free-lunch program at school (well, Sanford might make them opt out, on principle!), but they'll survive. Maybe he can share some of his crow with them. In any event, the kids can probably count on their mother ["Mommy, it's Father's Day - where's Daddy?"].

Damn straight Gary Ragone.

Apparently Mark Steyn has his Crazy Machine in high gear over this, doing his darnedest to help out The World's #1 Dad.

Actually, Art, I had read Steyn's column - I just thought that brief critique was more worth the linking to. Anyway, small typo in your last post, I'll fix it: "M. Steyn is daft as always." There. I've actually even endured one of his "books" from cover to cover.

Having lived in two small towns for about a dozen years (total), I don't see how small, local government avoids the "creeps and misfits" that Steyn posits as an outcome of big government. More often than not they rose to the top pretty reliably on the small, local level at least as much as in DC or any of the lowly state capitals. (I also think Steyn tries a bit too hard to minimize SC's significance - it's not like it's Wyoming!) And he never made a convincing case that Sanford's cheating was due to government being too big. I'm surprised he didn't use the gov's adultery to try to make a case for lowering taxes (at least on those in the governor's tax bracket and on up).

For Sanford, you initially implied he should get 18 months, now you're specifying 4. Bring it down another 14 or 15 weeks and you've got a deal!

Politics is all about nothing but power, and so draws powerless creeps and misfits to its hallways. It also draws people like Steyn to write foolish and empty articles about it. His distinction between British and American sex scandals is so Burkian and Tocquevillian. How deft. Of course he needs his one-sentence foolish conservative claims, like: once government health care is in place, the game is over! What does he mean by such simpleton claims? Maybe Australia is over as a democracy, since it has universal health care. Check out their bankruptcy rates from medical expenses compared to the US.Good thing they have some manly cowboy motifs and outback steakhouse imagery to withstand the de-masculinization efforts of the right.

I agree with much of what you said ren, but you refered to democracy as if it means something. Mob rule can be anything, preservation of democracy just means the mob is still in power ruling arbitrarily. This is a choice that our politicians seem to love to make as well when they swoon about our government. Australia, like the rest of the west, has been cracking down on freedom and even suggested censoring the internet like China recently. So that is still democracy, but it's not liberty. Australia's proposed memory hole

The right had a hey-day with the danger that Clinton supposedly put us in by being sexually distracted by an intern at the Oval Office. Present-day leader of the conservative wing of the GOP, Rush Limbaugh, stressed this point ad nauseum. He endangered the country for his diddling around!

Steyn simply calls for governors with nice, fat salaries (by normal human standards, but perhaps not by Steyn's) to get more days off and to be able to take off without telling anyone. Sweet.

The fact that anyone can still look to this guy for anything other than some kind of masochistic entertainment is beyond me. Here he is on 9/12/01:

"Yesterday's atrocities were a rude awakening from the indulgences of the last decade, with some awful stories to remind us of our illusions -- disabled employees in wheelchairs, whom the Americans with Disabilities Act and the various lobby groups insist can do anything able-bodied people can, found themselves trapped on the 80th floor, unable to get downstairs, unable even to do as others did and hurl themselves from the windows rather than be burned alive."

He's sick in the head.

Oh, well that was certainly substantive, Art!

Read it again, Steyn shamelessly used the terrorist attacks on the WTC to point out just how disabled (some) handicapped people were, how handicapped people were unable to save themselves or commit a dignified, respectable suicide (at least in Steyn's eyes). He used that shameless point to attack the ADA (which isn't a 'whom' but, as the name makes clear, is an act of congress) and the people who fought to be sure that a person who, say, is able to do accounting, but needs certain architectural assists to enter and exit the workplace without assistance from others, is able to do so. Pretty radical stuff. Yeah, it took a 9/11 to demonstrate just how right Steyn was all along on that issue, apparently. I wonder if he felt some bittersweet pleasure in being vindicated (in his mind)? [Steyn obviously missed some of the widely reported stories of heroism and selflessness, where the more able-bodied help those in wheelchairs make it out, and to safety.]

And now he uses Sanford's infidelity as a launching pad for his inane tirade against the "creeps and misfits" of big government. I guess since he's a Canadian he can't vote his preference but he always seems to promote the creepiest and misfittiest of them (which I'd guess is why he's worked as a sub on Limbaugh's radio show).

I repeat, he's sick in the head.

"hypocrisy--not doing as one says others should do"

Social conservatives lie, cheat on their wives, practice tax evasion, etc., etc. Their children may fornicate. At the same time they believe in an objective moral standard that condemns this behavior. Is this hypocrisy?

I say it is not - as long as we admit we are not always able to live up to it and that we need the support of law, religion, custom, and a morally based education to live a virtuous life in our weakest moments. If we have failed, it is not hypocrisy to assert objective moral standards. Nor are we obliged to walk around with a scarlet letter embroidered on our shirts - especially if this would harm others.

The fact that we are sinners does not make it hypocrisy to affirm traditional morality.

It is important to emphasize this because for the first time we have people who contend that our inability to live according to objective moral standards invalidates the arguments we make for those standards.

Sanford should have resigned for personal reasons as soon as his adultery was uncovered and skipped the press conferences for the sake of his family, his party, his state and his own dignity.

CRW, yes, but it is not the first time conservatives have been nailed to the cross of their convictions. Isn't that just what happens? If Al Gore jets around the world to promote his book about global warming wherein he denounces people who jet around the world as harming the environment, is someone wrong to point out the absurd lapse? No. Sanford made himself fair game for the label of hypocrite and if we do not say that what he is, then -- we just can't let it go, because of the high value we place on those values. You are right about Sanford, but in that rightness, at what point in his affair should he have stepped down? When he knew he was doing wrong and found himself unable to stop or when he was caught?

Craig, I have a story:

When I was teaching at a Christian school I sent Jonathan Swift's "Modest Proposal" home with my students to read over the weekend. On Monday I walked into the classroom with a good half a dozen irate teenaged girls denouncing Swift as sick, sick, sick! This reminds me of what you are saying about Steyn. Get this, from his "Net Losses": If you put the average chap — or even Barack Obama or Barney Frank — in spangled leotard and tights and on a unicycle and shove him out across the wire, he’s likely to fall off. Who would write such a thing? Sick in the head.

Kate, what is your point, exactly? Are you saying that Steyn wasn't really serious when he was bemoaning the ADA on 9/12? I don't think that was satire, and comparing Steyn to Swift is disrespectful of literature.

Kate, we social conservatives will always be nailed to the cross of our own convictions. "Sanford made himself fair game for the label of hypocrite." Well, maybe he did. I haven't followed his career closely. If he made a big deal about the quality of his family life and his devotion to his wife and his rock-solid marriage, then I would agree with you. My impression is that his politics are more fiscal conservatism and small government than family values. As to when he should have resigned, he should not have committed adultery. Having done this and apparently being in an emotional uproar about his relationship with the Argentine, he should have resigned at that time. Most likely he was not thinking clearly about his marriage and his public duties. None of this is surprising from the standpoint of human weakness. When all this came to light, he should have resigned immediately and if he is not yet thinking clearly about it, we should help him to pull the plug on his career in public service.

This is a tragic case - an accomplished man with a great future brought down by human weakness. It does not in any way invalidate the social conservative position. If anything, it confirms it.

CRW, yes, he should not have committed adultery. Evidently, he has not been thinking clearly for some time: the poor man. All the more honor to men who avoid such traps, whether because of fear or good sense or whatever it is that gets them to overcome their human weaknesses and romantic frenzies.

This is a tragic case - an accomplished man with a great future brought down by human weakness. It does not in any way invalidate the social conservative position. If anything, it confirms it. We agree.

Don't we hope ren is not contemplating a future in public politics?

I wish he was. the skeptical honesty is better than empty rhetoric and illusory speeches about morals the speakers themselves don't believe in. Remember, this is one of the ones who got caught; not one of the "few" who are liars, sinners, crooks, ect.

38: That's funny ren; and I had previously held the naive opinion that politics is about how to live well -- thanks for enlightening me.


People we elect to represent our interests should measure up to some kind of standards, would you not agree? I consider not what they say but what they do. Unfortunately we really don’t know a lot about how they will represent us because during any campaign there is too much smoke and mirror rhetoric. Of course after they have been in office for a while politicians reveal who they are because the rhetoric ceases and they must make decisions that are scrutinized, something by the way they loathe.

The only way possible to judge your elected official is after they are elected. Since the only true measure of a person is their morality shouldn’t politicians be held to the same standard? Morality stands for ethics, decency, gentleness, godliness, goodness, honor, ideals, integrity, justice, moral code, probity, purity, rectitude, righteousness, uprightness, virtue, ethicality, good habits, incorruptibility, incorruption, principles, rightness and saintliness. Quite a list; however is it unreasonable to ask politicians to be moral? This is so simple a child could follow. If you are not a moral person you love the devil and if you strive to be moral you love God! WOW, is this rocket science? No, it is common sense! If you say morality does not matter, you are ignorant and live in the same world the devil does. If you do not believe it, you are one of the deceived!

Now where to you think most of our politicians live, moral or immoral? Asking a politician a question with an understandable truthful answer is an exercise in futility! When are they going to learn? You either serve the devil or you serve God, there is no in between! How imbecilic can they be? They witness ungodly things going on in our country everyday and yet all they do is sit by and do nothing! They should be crying out from the rooftops of government, business and education no matter what the cost! Their silence is proof of who they serve! The battle lines are drawn and thank God I know who is going to win and it isn’t going to be evil! If you do not believe it, you are one of the deceived!

The world of politics seeks the arrogant, the selfish and the self-serving to promote ungodly causes! Instead of righteousness, there is only corruption and evil! Instead of truth, there is only distortion! Instead of creating simplicity, they only create complexity to justify their own existence! Most politicians, business leaders and educators are ungodly proven by the sacrilegious causes they promote! The world of politics is godless compromise and the world of education is straight from the pits of hell! Do you not realize you cannot compromise the Word of God? You don't serve God, but only put forth agenda's of the parvenu few to make sure your own self-interest get to keep you at the pinnacle of your career. Your behavior is disgusting, repugnant and deserving of all the condemnation as to the condition of where this country is today! Wake up, there is not much time left! Just think what elected officials educators and business people could do, if they spoke out for godly causes? You will answer one day why you do not! If you do not believe it, you are one of the deceived!

I found Obama’s stance on torture most revealing. While touting his opposition to torture there is another form of torture going on that most people don’t talk about to much. This torture has become so common place to people they have become desensitized not only to the torture but also to the horrific way this torture is carried out. Politicians don’t like to talk about it, churches don’t mention it very much yet when is does get talked about blood boils on both sides of the issue. This torture of course is abortion. Sadly on this one issue, I picture God crying for his people with tears of fire, tears that may soon drop to earth and consume us if we do not repent! If you do not believe it, you are one of the deceived!

Common sense tells me abortion is evil! Those that believe in abortion are blinded by the devil because abortion is something else of God’s he delights in destroying. Each day of your life you have the free will to choose how to spend that day. In our medicine cabinet at our home I have a large bottle of stupid pills and a large bottle of smart pills. I happen to notice the other day there is only about one quarter of smart pills left and the stupid pill bottle is still three quarters full. Now before you ask, do I still take stupid pills, unfortunately yes! In fact some time ago it was reversed, I was taking more stupid than smart. I wonder what pills we would find more of in you medicine cabinet. If you close your eyes to abortion in any form, your bottle of smart pills is full. If you do not believe it, you are one of the deceived!

NKJV GEN: 26,27 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all[ the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” 27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

Verse 27, “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” As we all know, a fetus is fully formed in 10 weeks no matter how you try to soft-pedal this, the fetus is the image of God, His own image! This is undeniable! Why anyone in their right mind would take it upon themselves to determine when the image of God life begins is a risk not worth taking. When I lay before God one day in judgment I would much rather say to the Lord, I tried to protect your children than to say I saw no evil in aborting them. If you do not believe it, you are one of the deceived!

It is common knowledge Obama supports abortion! Not only does he believe in abortion at any time during pregnancy he also believes in the partial birth abortion and botched birth abortion. Another dead giveaway of his of debauchery is his first action in office was to lift the ban on federal funding for foreign family planning agencies that promote or give information about abortion. It was his first act, does this sound like a man who loves God or loves the devil? As you read on you it should become obvious as to what is going on and your eyes should start to open. If you purposely keep them shut, you do not love God! If you do not believe it, you are one of the deceived!

When Obama, (by the way I no longer call him President because he has defiled the office of the Presidency) speaks the honey of lies the deceit comes forth! “I am against torture”, he says so eloquently! Here are some synonyms for the word torture; torment, afflict, persecute, make suffer, agony, anguish, pain. When you read these, synonyms you have got to say to yourself, Obama must be right, who could be for torture? However, make no mistake, Obama does believe in torture because underneath lies one of the most evil cunning men ever to occupy the white house! There are only two words to appropriately describe Obama, a nefarious narcissist. If you do not believe it, you are one of the deceived!

PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION Partial birth abortion is commonly known as late term abortion? I am astonished at the amount of Christians and non Christians not actually understanding exactly what evil partial birth abortion is. Partial birth abortion is mainly done late term when the baby is fully formed. The fiend doctor delivers the baby’s feet legs and torso but stops the delivery with just the head left inside the birth canal. Have you got this picture? With the baby’s torso fully exposed the fiend doctor then slits the back of the neck of the baby’s head with a scalpel type device and sucks out the brains with a vacuum apparatus. Of course this procedure causes the death of the baby. So now what do you do with the remains? There is no funeral, no body wants this dead baby so it is tossed into a garbage disposal ground up and flushed down the drain. Can you think of anything more barbaric then this? This is another time my mind cannot fathom the depravity of supposedly civilized grown men. It does however keep me vigilant for evil behavior. Is partial birth abortion torture, you bet it is! If you do not believe it, you are one of the deceived!

BOTCHED BIRTH ABORTION Botched birth abortion is what Obama voted for when he was an Illinois senator. The fiend doctor performs some sort of abortion procedure (other than partial birth) but botches it, meaning the baby is aborted but is still alive and completely out of the birth canal. Are you getting this? The baby is still alive after this procedure. Then because legally the baby was “aborted” but survived the abortion process it is not considered a human being. So what happens to that baby? It is allowed to bleed to death or some procedure is instituted to murder it. There is no funeral, no body wants this dead baby so it is tossed into a garbage disposal ground up and flushed down the drain. Can you think of anything more barbaric then this? Is botched abortion torture, you bet it is! If you do not believe it, you are one of the deceived!

I recently saw an interview with an adult woman who survived a botched abortion. That’s right through the mercy of God, she survived. It is gut wrenching to see and should be shown in every church in America. Do some research on the net about survivors of abortion? It will flood your eyes with tears.

Don’t ever tell me Obama doesn’t believe in torture! Now you understand when he says he is against torture he is a bold face liar. Do the words torture; torment, afflict, persecute, make suffer, agony, anguish, pain resonate when it comes to abortion? Kind of makes water boarding look like a Sunday school picnic, doesn’t it? If you do not believe it, you are one of the deceived!

Obama, the vice president, the current speaker of the house and most politicians believe in some form of abortion even though some declare outwardly they are Christians. Do not believe it. Our culture peddle the terms, right to choose, pro choice, a women’s right to privacy and reproductive rights in an effort to diminish abortion is murder! There are probably more so called softened terms but as you know, they rarely or never use the word abortion! Abortion means one thing and one thing only; the murder of a helpless unborn human life! Don’t say you are a Christian and believe in abortion in any form. It only proves you are a liar and you do not love God. If you do not believe it, you are one of the deceived!

If you still have any doubts as to what I am saying about Obama you better wake up. If Obama does not believe in murdering babies why would he appoint (this will also tell you the mindset of most Washington politicians because they confirmed her) as his new Secretary of Health and Human Services, former governor of Kansas Kathleen Sebelius. Before he was murdered she supported the fiend late term abortion doctor, George Tiller. Tiller would kill your baby for $6000. Tiller also donated over $40,000 to Kathleen Sebelius’s reelection efforts for governor.

Ms. Sebellius was a staunch defender when Tiller was on trial for his practice of killing babies but was acquitted probably with her behind the scenes activity. What an affront to God to appoint as Secretary of Health and Human Services a know supporter of abortion! I pray God will remove the veil from your eyes exposing true evil. I know now why God opened my eyes to the truth. God works through people who love him and are open to his will. My only mission is to make know the truth of the coming destruction. Obama is setting into motion unbeknown to most, the destruction of this country. If you do not believe it, you are one of the deceived!

The following is for anyone who will listen and follow its message.

Hearken, as this is the word of the Lord! You must no longer be cold or lukewarm in these times. You must become red-hot and a reverberating noise for my sake. If you are less then hot I will spew you out and cast you into the darkness. From this day forward, you must never again align yourself with the ungodly, be involved in ungodly causes or compromise anything of God! You must take up my standard and become holy. You will be hated for my sake as you speak my truth out in every corner of government or business as my champion! Do not be troubled as to the words you will say. You never will be without answer! What passes from your lips will astound your besiegers! What is really in their hearts will be exposed and their shame will cause them to retreat to the darkest corners. At all times in the presence of your peers, speak forth my Word and what I tell you to say. Whatever business you are about, it must be put to the test of my truth. Throwaway every book and tradition you have, as the only source of truth you will need is my Word! Read it every day and base all your decisions upon its truth! It is life to a perishing world and you can impact those who are dying. If you cannot follow my Word because of your stubborn pride, remove yourself from your position for I, the Living God, will hold you accountable. It will be far, far better you remove yourself, then to have the Living God remove you! You will be judged most severely if you stay in your position and ignore my Word. Get on your face before me, says the Lord! I will answer your prayers and perform great miracles on your behalf!

Churches when will you stop being so silent? You have been quiet too long on many subjects including politics. How are we as Christians going to stand before God one day and explain not only to God but to the aborted babies why we were so quiet while we allowed depraved politicians to get away with so much evil? We have the power to stop this madness at the ballot box and I challenge you to start before that too will disappear. I wonder if your church will enter into hell with many or Heaven with a few.


Some years ago while attending a church in the bay area of California we had the pleasure of having the associate Pastor over for a Sunday brunch. He told us of a dream his son had. He described the dream as he was in an area where as far as the eye could see were millions and millions of people. At first it was hard to focus on exactly what was going on because all the people were like shadows. As the dream became clearer he thought the people were praying because they all looked like they were on their knees. Then he realized the majority of people were all small, many being smaller than others. Then to his amazement he began to see taller people scattered all among the people, again as far as the eye could see. He cried out, Lord, Lord what am I seeing? Very gently the Lord told him that what he sees are all the aborted children and they are learning about God! Do we serve an awesome God, you betcha!

One day some time ago I was driving in my car and talking to God. I said Lord, why is it you have always blessed me. Very clearly the Lord said tenderly, do you want me to stop? I chucked and said Lord, this conversation we will never have again. What an awesome God we have. I love Him and will serve Him for the rest of my days. I do not attempt for one minute to focus on trying to understand Him for that is futile. The Lord has given me the gift of faith. How can anyone try to comprehend God always was. Those words alone can never be explained but in faith I believe it. I believe every word in His Holy Bible and do not doubt anything He says. Even though we live surrounded by evil and witness horrific things in the world our eyes should always be focused on Him. He is mysterious and I am going to spend an eternity unlocking as much mystery as He will permit me. God bless you!

I have presented nothing but truth. If you think this is a race issue, you are one of the deceived! The only issue here is about evil. If you believe what I have presented here you have an obligation to tell, give or send to everyone you know. If you do nothing, God help you!

Garry Ragone [email protected]

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