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Yuval vs. ObamaCare

The SCHEME is vulnerable on the government insurance option, which is clearly a way of de-privatizing most or all of American coverage over a fairly short period of time. Bill Kristol, Yuval’s coauthor, worked with that underrated statesman Bob Dole to stop HillaryCare, and we can hope there’s comparable leadership in Congress today. The key, as the article suggests, is the steadfastness of moderate Democrats and respectable interests such as the AMA. But maybe "we" ought to be adding that, this time, stopping "the government option" is just a prelude to working for sensible, market-based reform that we can all believe in. That would include key components of McCain’s plan, which he forgot to talk about doing the campaign, of devolving coverage to individuals with government subsidization. More and more, Yuval is the man on this stuff.

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I am constantly surprised that conservatives 1) Agree that health care reform is "needed" 2) Employee provided plans are to "blame" for the "health care crisis".

One at a time here. First, even if you concede that health care reform is needed (I don't think so but for this post let's just pretend), it is NOT THE GOVERNMENT'S ROLE, JOB OR OBLIGATION to reform ANYTHING in the private world from bread baking to auto mechanical work to banking to health care. It is wrong, in my opinion to give even an inch here, even at the peril of being left out of the debate.

Second, emloyer provided plans just don't have a thing to do with health care reform or any other suc thing. Employers, by providing such coverage as part of a compensation package, have FREED over 100 million Americans to use their salaries' purchasing power to buy homes, businesses, boats, cars, college education, fund retirments, etc. The great good that employer provided plans has done for the American middle class FAR outweighs anything else. And one more time (and we can't concede this point at all to anyone) IT IS NOT THE GOVERNMENT'S JOB TO REFORM OR CHANGE ANYTHING IN THE PRIVATE MARKET.

So knock it off already.

mr. tiger, the present system depends upon a tax break to employers. tell me you're in favor of doing away with that, and we'll talk.

Mr. Lawler, I most certainly AM NOT in favor of removal of the legitimate tax breaks my employer enjoys. Like most Americans, I think the health care system is awesome. It is rivaled by no other system anywhere in the world and I don't see why I should give it up because a bunch of whiny elites feel guilty about some people who don't have insurance. It is up to each of us as individuals to pursue our own interests and not the governments nor any snobby policy wonk to toy with same.

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