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Good Questions and the Heart of the Problem for Republican Senators

Ken Thomas promised an op-ed detailing the questions that Republican senators on the Judiciary Committee ought to be asking Judge Sotomayor. He delivered all of that and then some, and included a biting critique of the bumbling Republican "Ahab like quest" of the last several decades to overturn Roe v. Wade. The heart of the problem, Ken argues, is that Republicans refuse to take on the big questions concerning justice and the American understanding of the rule of law within the context of reason, justice, equality and natural rights. In their unwillingness to expose the ignorance of the left, too many Republicans expose their own. A fine article!     

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Many thanks for writing the article; many thanks for posting it.

And how easy such questioning could be, Ken. At one point today it seemed that both Hatch and Kyl might go down this road -- Hatch when he insisted, in ordinary language, that the judge identify the test the Court should apply to determine whether a right is fundamental or not, and Kyl when he read Sotomayor's own words celebrating the view that the law is nothing other than the accumulated perspectives of its interpreters. Hatch did refer once maybe twice to "natural" and "preexisting" rights codified in the Constitution. Give us more, Ken.

Judge Sotomayor: Do you believe race should be the measure of any person's constitutional rights? Please explain.

I'd add: Judge Sotomayor, is it an impeachable offense to violate a Justice's oath to defend the Constitution by following foreign law instead of the Constitution's own words?

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