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One of my favorite vignettes from "The Simpsons" is the statue of Jimmy Carter in Springfield with the legend "Malaise Forever!" Everyone is talking about the 40th anniversary of the first moon walk today (more about that in a moment perhaps), but how could I have let last week slip by without noting the 30th anniversary of Carter’s famous "malaise" speech? Fortunately, the Washington Times didn’t forget, and nudged me to write this piece, noting that some folks are actually trying to persuade us that it was in fact a great speech. Next, they’ll be telling us that government spending is the way out of a recession. Oh, wait. . .

P.S. I neglected to call everyone’s attention to Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie’s great piece in the WaPo over the weekend comparing Obama and Carter. Time to get your cardigans out of mothballs.

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Pretty nasty little article there on Carter. Energy crisis a result of bad government. Check. Should have deregulated energy industry. Check. Carter was talking about his own failings. Check. Solzhenitsen is great because he said the same things earlier. Check. Russian guy was not projecting his own failings. Check.No energy problems because prices fell. Check. Carter on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Check. If Carter was famous for malaise, Bush at 21% approval rate qualifies for what? Throwing-up-in-the-mouth nausea.

Why am I not surprised that Hayward is given space in Sun Myung Moon's rag?

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