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Shatner does Palin

Even if you are inclined toward her, you must agree that this, from The Tonight Show, is very funny.

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Not bad, but Shatner needs to stick to his version of Mr. Tamborine Man.

This was good. This is another one of my favorites . . .

William Shatner may be the best interpreter of bad poetry ever! This Rocket Man piece was priceless. There is a live action video version of him doing Mr. Tambourine Man, but I cant find it.

But when you see Shatner doing "Rocket Man" or hearing him doing Dylan it is excellent. I don't know whether I should laugh or cry!? It is excellent nonetheless--bad poetry and all. Am I ironic? Hell yes. Do I like it? Yes on a double down.

Face it, Shatner can't hold a candle to the vocal stylings of Leonard Nimoy.

Eh, Shatner's good, but let's not forget the masters of bad poetry.

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