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The Citizens United Case--Now a YouTube Video!

So as you may know, the Supreme Court granted a rare rehearing of the Citizens United campaign finance case in September, with indications the new members of the Court may sweep away several bad decisions of the last couple decades, and perhaps junk major parts of the McCain-Feingold law. My better half has written an amicus brief for case, but, since we’re at the beach, we decided in a clowning mood to do a a You Tube video about the case! Enjoy (2:32 long.)

P.S. A few people have asked, and No, no deer were harmed in the making of this video.

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So, uhhh, where are all those folks asserting that the Supreme Court's words are final no matter what?

Was the Dredd Scott decision "final," ------------------------- was that the last word on the subject? Was the majority opinion in that case morally persuasive?

For what's worth, I am referring to abortion and all the people, including Justice Scalia, who state that with the Supreme Court decision on abortion, it is final, no going back.

If this batch will go back and sort out the bad work done, looking to the Constitution, we should embrace the idea. The court shedding light on the penumbras would be welcome, wouldn't it, Dale?

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