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The Point of Cap and Trade to ruin the coal industry and cause electricity rates to skyrocket, explains Mr. South Dakota Politics. There needs to be real discussion about whether that pain--very underestimated by the Democratic experts--is worth what is likely a pretty insignificant environmental gain. Mr. SDP also has a couple of excellent posts on the need for similar health care skepticism.

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South Dakota is right- the point is to transfer wealth from Republican states to Democrat states. Republican states rely more heavily on coal and are in the midwest, Democrat states are on the coasts and have more access to wind and solar. Obama and the Democrats understand how to use the power of government to enrich their supporters at the expense of their enemies, and the Limit and Tax bill is just another piece of that strategy.

It is a crazy corrupt system that has nothing to do with the laughable left right paradigm. The middle class's losses are going to be Al Gore's gains. He is lined up to make a killing of this trading scheme. It's just another law to kill the middle class and advance the anti-human eugenics agenda. How about we review what my senator sent me on the topic via pre fab email.

Effective clean energy legislation will reduce carbon emissions and promote the production of renewable energy—but most importantly it will also ensure the creation of new clean energy jobs and industries. Clean energy legislation must also ensure the competitiveness of domestic manufacturers and protect consumers by keeping utility rates affordable. We must work to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by making America a global leader in clean energy manufacturing.

Can you count the lies? I count at least four in the opening paragraph. 1. job creation, what about the job loss? 2. Competitivie, with solar and wind vs fossil fuels? 3. utility rates affordable, with the huge new tax? 4. reduce dependance on foriegn oil by taxing it more and making it more expensive? how about producing domestic oil?

For this reason, I recently announced legislation called the Investments for Manufacturing Progress and Clean Technology (IMPACT) Act. This legislation, which was included in the House energy bill, would support manufacturers' transition to the clean energy economy and ensure clean energy jobs are created here in the U.S. This legislation would create a revolving loan fund for small and medium size manufacturers to retool and expand facilities to produce clean energy technology and energy efficient products. It is estimated this measure will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

So....taxpayers pay higher taxes on the improved energy they paid to upgrade and jobs again. hundreds of thousands of jobs to offset the millions which will be lost.

A growing consensus of scientists agree that human activities are contributing to rising sea levels, extreme weather, and climate change across the globe. As the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, the United States has a clear obligation to be at the forefront of climate change policy. Without action, we risk our health and the health of future generations, the well-being of our coastal areas, and the productivity of our farms, forests, and fisheries.

LIES. It is the exact opposite, Al gore cooked figures on carbon, the ice core samples show carbon rises after climate moves up not before. on and on and on.

As climate change legislation continues to be discussed in Congress, I will work to ensure that an unfair burden is not placed on Ohio families and businesses and that clean energy legislation creates new jobs and economic opportunities across Ohio. More lies about job creation, mabye i should just shut up and he will let me build windmills.

That was Brown, I sent the same message the the republican, but I doubt if I get a staffer generic response it will be any different.

President Obama specifically said in an unguarded moment during the campaign in a response to a question about one of his proposed energy policies that the point was to bankrupt the coal industry. I'll try to look it up.

Found it in two seconds. I love the internet. It was the San Fransisco Chronicle.

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