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TNR’s Tom Goldstein on Justice Thomas

Interesting and perceptive comment from The New Republic’s Tom Goldstein on Justice Thomas:

No other member of the Court is so independent in his thinking. The irony of course is that there remains a public perception, rooted in ignorance, that he is the handmaiden of other conservative Justices, particularly Justice Scalia. I disagree profoundly with Justice Thomas’s views on many questions, but if you believe that Supreme Court decisionmaking should be a contest of ideas rather than power, so that the measure of a Justice’s greatness is his contribution of new and thoughtful perspectives that enlarge the debate, then Justice Thomas is now our greatest Justice.

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Indeed, he's our greatest living American, the touchstone of moral and intellectual conservatism.

great quote, great justice, not as sure about greatest living American

Using this reasoning, we should add Tom Cruise to the supreme court. No other member would be so 'independent' in his thinking. If you believe supreme court decision making should be a contest of ideas, so that the measure of a Justice's greatness is his contribution of new and thoughtful (scientologist) perspectives that enlarge the debate, then Tom Cruise would be an even greater justice.

Using ren's reasoning, we should add ren to the Supreme Court.

If being gung-ho for strip-searching girls in school for Advil is part of his brilliant "independence" and being the "touchstone of moral and intellectual conservatism," (!!) then I guess the right's adoration of him is scarier than I previously thought.

I fail to see how his dissent in the Redding case is a "contribution of new and thoughtful perspectives that enlarge the debate."

You know you're slipping from independence to just plain wingnuttery when you exist to the right of Alito and make him look reasonable and moderate on such matters.

"Greatest living American"?? Please. Half of America's bartenders and waitstaff are more qualified than Thomas for such superlatives.

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