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A Naked Obama with Unicorns????

Given the strong reaction folks have had to the posters of Obama as the Joker, what are we to make of these drawings, depicting a naked Obama posed with a unicorn? I know it's the 40th anniversary of Woodstock this weekend, but isn't this taking LSD nostalgia a bit too far?
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That is awesome.

Every little bit helps.

I highly recommend the very short piece on "Obama's punctured gravitas" at today's

I hope the artist was paid with stimulus money given to the NEH.

Was the Unicorn rubbing suntan lotion on or annointing him with oil? I found it strange that they made such a big deal out of the viral poster campaign. It seems they would have been better served by laughing it off and saying: well everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Yikes! The ones with Dr. House and with the unicorn rubbing suntan oil on Obama's back were kinda disturbing, but I like the one where O's taking out the corpulent Limbaugh with his own Golden EIB ("Excellence In Broadcasting") microphone.

Still, if you want to simulate a bad acid trip, it's hard to beat the sticker of Dubya with his head bowed in prayer, with Lincoln and Washington on each side, their hands on his shoulders (I'd link to the image, but the forum system won't let me do that right now), from the Presidential Prayer Team. I remember the first time I saw one of these (on an SUV, natch) at a Delaware beach, I had to do a triple-take before I realized I wasn't hallucinating.

Here's the beginning of the "Obama's Punctured Gravitas" article:

"Barack Obama's political glass jaw is the illusion of gravitas that was successfully sold to enough Americans to get him elected. His stentorian deep voice persuades many, never mind the pablum of vague clichés he dishes out. Rush Limbaugh brilliant [sic] punctures the illusion by speeding up the tape and raising Obama's register when he plays excerpts of the president speaking. Minus the deep voice, with an altered rhythm no longer hypnotically caressing the listener, the banality of the actual words becomes clear."

Speeding up Obama's voice is how one "brilliant[ly] punctures" the illusion??? Is this article article serious; are we supposed to take any of this garbage seriously?

Wasn't Obama riding a unicorn in the Jibjab durning the '08 campaign?

Scanlon, why don't you go away and stop making all of us puke?

Scanlon, why don't you go away and stop making all of us puke?

Probably because you make us laugh.

No, Scanlon, don't go away. I enjoy the barbed posts! Good for comic relief and to catch blind spots. (Heh.)

The artist just finished "The Naked Comunist" by W. Cleon Skousen and got inspired?

What's wrong with the commenting mechanism (again!) ?? I still can't post my link to the sticker image that I referred to previously. Oh well, if you want to see it yourself, just image-Google the terms Washington, Lincoln, Bush (and maybe "prayer" too) and the exact phrase "presidential prayer team" - and you'll find it. Craaaaaazy, maaaaaan!

You won't see Antichrist praying. Stop him now!

12: Steve, I fail to see the "comic relief" in Scanlon's idiotic arrogance. Calling his posts "barbed" is like the Los Angeles Times calling Maxine Waters "fiery." She is, but that's far from the most important thing about her. Patrick Henry was "fiery" too. It comes across sounding like an excuse -- and a rather friendly one.

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