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A Note on Ted Kennedy

You may have noticed that on the news stations it is Ted Kennedy, twenty four seven (Hayward's book hardly mentioned).  Although a bit dreary, some of the reports do have the virtue of reminding me of some interesting political history over the last fifty or so years, not all of it to Teddy's advantage.  It took me a few hours to become conscious of the fact that the late senator's political life roughly coincided with my own.  That is, at about age fourteen (1960) I remember liking Jack Kennedy over Nixon, well, because JFK seemed tougher on foreign policy.  I also remember what a silly sight Teddy was running for the U.S. Senate in 1963, still in his salad days, still green in judgment, winning only because of the name.  I stopped liking the Kennedys soon thereafter (also Nixon).  So now everyone is talking about this "Lion" of the Senate (RIP) and what great good the third longest serving person in the Senate did.  Well, that is all disputable, of course.  But he was a fierce partisan and did outlive most of his opponents, thereby becoming a bit of an anachronism himself, of course.  Jay Winik, in praising Ted Kennedy, reminds us of the Senate's "Golden Age" the large personalities dwelling therein.  I also note, along with Nick Gillespie, that I never heard any commentator mention that Kennedy was instrumental in deregulating the trucking and airline ticket pricing in the 1970's, "two innovations that have vastly improved the quality of life in America even as--or more precisely, because--they pushed power out of D.C. and into the pocketbooks of everyday Americans. We are incalculably richer and better off because something like actual prices replaced regulatory fiat in trucking and flying."
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