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I have joked for a while that someone needs to do an update of Arlo Guthrie’s "Alice’s Restaurant" depicting being arrested for crossing the recycling fascists, and lo and behold, here’s news that Guthrie has become a Republican! I’ll start working on new lyrics during this evening’s cocktail hour.

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The Washington Post today mentioned a woman, in her mid-20s, who voted for Obama, and is now complaining that he's not the man he campaigned as, and next time around she's voting Republican. Just another Obama voter, thoroughly disillusioned that the guy who campaigned as a centrist is now governing as the associate of Ayers, Dohrn, Wright, Khalidi, Said, et al. When such anecdotes are combined with recent polling, ------- one tends towards the conclusion that the Democrats have got to be completely nuts to continue pushing health care "reform."

Next time you're at Alice's Restaurant, try the meat loaf. It's really a metaphor for capital gains tax cuts.

In order to connect to the link, I was asked to sign up for free NYT online access. Concerned that an extra name on their member roles might increase the Times' appeal to advertisers, I decided to skip it.

Google "Arlo Guthrie New York Times" and you won't have to register.

I wish I could ask him, "What would Woodie do?"

If you look at his reasons, you'll see little reason to gloat. Basically, he values a healthy two-party system, and thinks the Democratic Party is doing fine. The challenge is keeping the Republican Party afloat. Enter Arlo Guthrie

I've been thinking of joining, too, since my President seems to be behaving like a Republican: the joblessness rate is decreasing, the Stock Market is reaching its highest points since the "Bush Depression," and now top terrorists and Taliban leaders are dropping like flies!

If I wanted effective anti-terrorism, and prosperity, I would have voted for a Republican!

Fung, it was an edited interview. Only the interviewer knows what else Guthrie said.

I am interested that you connect good things, good governance, with Republicans. If those things were all you wanted, you could have voted for McCain, you're right.

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