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Senator Reid wines that "’evil-mongers’ are using ’lies, innuendo and rumor,’ to drown out rational debate" on health care. In light of the President’s effort to root out disinformation, ought he to have called them "fishy-mongers" instead?

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Senator Reid would do well to take a gander at his poll numbers in Nevada, for those numbers strongly suggest his days in the well of the U.S. Senate are numbered.

I have truly been scratching my head over the rhetorical tack that the Democrats have been taking, a tack exemplified by Senator Reid's "evil-mongers" slur.

Poll after poll clearly shows that public support for a government takeover of healthcare is drooping like Joe Biden's hairplugs, and the Dems' response is to call the voters (including the numerous and vital independents who are trending heavily away from Obama on this) a pack of ugly names? I genuinely don't get it. I didn't think the Dems, who up until recently had been eating our lunch, could be this stupid. But apparently they are. It's sort of a pleasant surprise.

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