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Grandma Got Run Over by Obamacare

Amusing parody.

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I just got done reading Sarah Palin's screed over on Facebook. Parody is not necessary.

Seems some of those over at The Washington Post didn't find former Governor Palin's commentary to be a "screed." And unlike Craig, they understood how seniors could feel uneasy about Section 1233, {as well as other cost cutting provisions within the proposals}. Camille Paglia too, upon reflection, thought her pointed remarks a bullseye, which neatly summed up the angst circulating within senior circles.

But I suppose there are those that are determined to cling to Tina Fey's sad caricature of Sarah Palin, instead of sitting down and poring through the House bill.

Government can't really "cut" costs, but they sure as hell can refuse them, and through this bill they will so refuse. Which means through a process of supposedly extending health "care," our government will increasingly find itself refusing care to the infirm, to seniors, to those "at risk."

I have read a few interesting things about where Palin started philosophicly and I wonder if she were to go back there if the Gop crowd would still be in love with her. Some of the stuff might border on the conspiracies and embarass the party. If she were to start sounding like Ron Paul I wonder if the posters on this board would still bring her up.

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