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Me in the WaPo Today

The Washington Post asked me and my climate studies partner Ken Green for a brief comment on the prospects for cap and trade in the Senate. Here's our answer. We didn't have enough space to propose the obvious solution: combine cap and trade with the health care bill!!

Since health care reform will require rationing, why not give out carbon and health care allowances to everyone, and then let us start trading amongst ourselves. I'll trade a colonoscopy for a month of driving Schramm's Hummer, for example. (Schramm doesn't have to have the colonoscopy; he can trade it for some high-emitting cigars.) Why this hasn't occurred to the same geniuses that gave us cash for clunkers is beyond me.

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Would all the worthless eaters please just die already.

Is there really no way to block or remove the pernicious, spam-sucking advertisers from the comments section? It seems like this site is being overrun.

They put in a spam blocker awhile back to try to keep it out. I imagine there are probably real people just copying and pasting, copying and pasting.

Does anyone remember when no one could type "socialism" on NLT because it has the word "cialis" in it? That was hilarious.

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