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O'Rourke Crushes WaPo

P.J. O'Rourke is a wit worker without example, and he aims at the amazing fact that the Washington Post is alarmed by the conservative tendencies of some of our citizens, you know them, the "town hall hecklers," "birthers" and the other scary people.  PJ nails Perlstein, MacGillis, et al, to the wall, calling them everything but stones and blocks and worse than senseless things.  The piece is too funny to read with coffee, but a cigar calms your innards enough to read on.

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Just laughing at this made me feel better. I did not need a cigar. I did spurt my tea at one point, but I think the laptop will recover. We may as well all laugh, as there is nothing to be done; this is nothing new. This new crowd might be called nattering nabobs of positivity, having changed their tune after the last election. Perhaps they simply cannot give up the minor key of their favorite "song of the victim" so that even in power they must be complaining. They remind of communist friends from my youth who denounced the American majority for being blind to the righteousness of the cause.

Not that the right doesn't do that, too, and too often. Which thought makes this morning's seem like desperate laughter.

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