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Ever wonder why the cost of medical practices such as Lasik eye surgery and liposuction have gone down in recent years, while costs for just about everything else related to medicine have gone up? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that such practices aren't covered either by private insurance or by Medicare/Medicaid. Maybe instead of talking about creating a massive new government bureaucracy we should be considering treating Americans more like consumers, and less like children.
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A great article and alot to think about. Thanks

I'll be honest with you: the best way to sell privatized insurance (if I were you) would be to start talking about Germany, the Swiss, and the Dutch. They manage to keep viable private insurers and still cover everyone (especially the Swiss). I don't know how many conservatives simply blow off Europe as being some socialist, statist, tyrannical phase in Jesus' end-of-days, but for those of you who aren't of that persuasion - take a look at their health care systems. You want to convince mainstream Americans that capitalism and universal coverage can work hand-in-hand? Start pointing to Europe.

No, Matt, unfortunately, I don't think that is going to persuade any or many here. [I've found that reading the book "The Family" by Jeff Sharlet is a great companion to analyzing this blog - recommended!]

What has been interesting lately is to see how, for every business executive (sure, we'll all be able to afford the health care we need if it's not covered under ANY insurance program!) and lobby-employed doctor who wants another yacht who rails against any sort of public option, there are multitudes of satisfied Canadians and Brits who are counting their blessings to have their (admittedly imperfect, but pretty sweet) socialized medicine (and now shaking their heads that Obama couldn't get it done).

A couple of fun cases in point are the dim-witted, and ignorant claim by Investor's Business Daily that "Stephen Hawking wouldn't have a chance in the UK, where the [NHS] would say the life of this brilliant man, because of his physical handicaps, is essentially worthless" - followed, perfectly, by Hawking's insistence that he "wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the NHS.", as well as the Twitter-sparked, full-throated defense of NHS.

I also found this story, about an American woman in France dealing with cancer, to be enlightening.

In the end, it looks like we won't get anything close to France's or the UK's or Canada's system, with the Right (Palin?) taking "credit" for pulling America back from the Communist brink and keeping it safe from the (somehow still ruthless and will-stop-at-nothing) leftist Kenyan determined to give us "evil" and "Orwellian" "death panels" (we like our corporate healthcare death panels just fine, thank you!) and kill our parents and our Downs Syndrome babies, etc. Then, in 2012, we'll hear how we need to make a return to conservative leadership, rather than this aggressive liberalism from Obama & Co. Just layer upon layer of utter b.s.

So much for "elections have consequences" - I guess that's only so when a Republican is elected. We should have let Bush have a couple more terms. At some point the number of right-wingers unwilling to blame him for the downward spiral would have become completely negligible. It's almost more painful to win an election and then have the opposition dictate policy. If you want to see people acting like, and being treated like children, watch some of the Teabaggers screaming incoherently at some of these town hall meetings. I've yet to see a "Don't tase me bro!" (hardy-har-har!) incident, but you can be sure the Right's response to one would be a complete 180 to the kid (in Fla.?) who spoke up at Kerry's meeting. A 180 like honored Ashbrook-speaker Glenn Beck's complete reversal on his appraisal of American healthcare.

Moser cites elective procedures. And the author of the article he cites admits he has no medical expertise whatsoever. So I guess posting the link 'doubles down' on the ignorance. Millions of americans suffer and die just from severe medication reactions from incorrect dosages, exceeding hospitalization requirements for all those with automobile accidents, AIDS, alcohol and illicit drug abuse, and infectious diseases combined. All because big Pharma owns the FDA and 'hatred of government' crowd cuts the funding. Rush those untested drugs to market! The free-market will set the correct dosages. Stop treating those consumers like children! If some people die, don't worry, just wait on the market corrections to make it all good again. We do not need government or corporate death panels. In the U.S. it is self-serve.

Matt, conservatives don't need to "sell" private healthcare. It is Obama who has to pretend that his reform plan won't destroy the private insurance market as a condition of selling his plan. You will be be to keep your health insurance until tax and regulatory changes push your employer to drop your coverage and make individually bought health insurance unaffordable.

@ ren:

Millions of americans suffer and die just from severe medication reactions from incorrect dosages, exceeding hospitalization requirements for all those with automobile accidents, AIDS, alcohol and illicit drug abuse, and infectious diseases combined.

Assuming that this is true (I love the obtuse 'suffer and die;' also the 'millions'), what makes you believe that the FDA would be any better post-reform?

I'm not sure how 'incorrect dosages' have anything to do with getting the uncovered their needs, BTW.

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