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Some questions on health care reform

Andy Busch responds to the White House claim that there is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there in the form of a letter to the President. Very good, crisp, and amusing.   

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I think you found your disinformation, all right. Busch claims that there will be an increase in the "payroll tax on small businesses and workers." He must be talking about the penalty that businesses must pay if they do not cover their workers. The threshold exemption is pegged such that most businesses with only a few workers would be exempt entirely from the penalty, and there are tax credits to help offset the cost for the coverage anyway.

We've had this discussion before. In the absence of universal coverage, businesses that are not providing their workers with health care are effectively externalizing the costs onto the public anyway, since the uninsured receive expensive and inefficient care at emergency rooms. We already have a health care policy that socializes costs, it just doesn't do it in a very smart fashion.

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