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The Age of Reagan

The Age of Reagan: The Conservative Counterrevolution: 1980-1989 landed on my desk yesterday, a week ahead of schedule. Looks great, Mr. Hayward!

Amusingly enough two hours after I received the book, I was in a furniture store in Mansfield (OH) browsing when a salesman came up to introduce himself. We had met about five years back and--he said--I had given him Hayward’s first volume on Reagan, The Age of Reagan, 1964-1980: The Fall of the Old Liberal Order, and he had just now finished reading it! Although he said he enjoyed it very much, I thought I detected a groan when I told him about the new volume!

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Congrats, Steve! I'll look forward to reading it even if it takes 10 years! Ha! I won't steal your thunder, but I just received a book contract today for my third book. Good day for authors I think.

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Interesting that you were in a furniture store. The argument against cash for clunkers that mistakenly confused cars as a good akin with furniture in trying to push the broken window fallacy pointed to the reality of this economy. As one would expect the sectors doing the most action appart from the bailled out banking sector, and the bailled out auto's is of course tech. Apple is doing outstanding and the chip makers are cleaning up on back to school sales. But when Macy's reported today the key laggard for them was furniture.

It seems that some of the stimulus(removal of sales tax) designed to help retailers is great for Acer, and blackberry and iphones, and maybe even Kindles...but a kindle does reduce the need/demand for a coffee table or bookshelf.

Hard times for furniture salesmen who might wish for some broken chairs(but if we cut back on obesity...then those lazyboys will last forever and be in less use).

Speaking of literary experiences in furniture stores.... I was with a friend who was buying furniture when I spotted some volumes in a bookcase. I asked the salesman whether I could just have one (I've gotten some nice display books for free), but he insisted I pay for this one--Things Fall Apart, which is not the sort of title you'd want on your merchandise.

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