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The Latest Studies on Money and Happiness

Studies show that money can make you more happy if you know how to spend it. Buying status doesn't work that well. Spending on experiences--being more social--works better than spending on stuff. And philanthropy turns out to be a the most reliable form of hedonism. Although money can't buy me love, the happiest spenders are guided by love. This new theory may or may not slight unempirically the Aristotelian view that the happiest spenders are also good at displaying their excellence through spending that reflects their taste or class. In any case, restoring the connection between virtuous, "prosocial" personal spending and happiness is a particularly convincing way of opposing the huge spending of big government, which is hardly, of course, a display of the taxpayers' virtue.
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The first comment is very, very funny.

I'm in the middle of Silas Marner right now, so I await George Eliot's answer.

The soul was meant for love, not lucre; Barry White's signature piece isn't titled "Lucre's Theme," but rather, "Love's Theme," { }.

That link didn't work, but I don't feel like fixing it now, perhaps another time.

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