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This is extremely cool, but also extremely troubling.
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They will soon have to start introducing the term quadrillion, although I think i have heard tetrillion as well. They better start debating what to call the numbers that come after trillions if we plan an beating inflation with more inflation.

I'm not claiming they're inaccurate, but I'd like to know where those figures come from. And... are they accurate? Moreover, that appears to be the Great Seal of the United States of America on the page, and I have to wonder if whoever made the page is authorized to use the Great Seal of the USA.

Brutus if introducing new terms is all there is to it then there is no limit, mathmaticians already have names for number of incredible size and if all else fails we can improve the math skills of high schoolers by introducing denominations in factorials.

1!=$1, 2!=$2, 3!=$6, 4!=$24, 5!=$120...and by the time you get to 20!=$2,432,902,008,176,640,000

I mean we are nowhere near 20! in national debt.

Plus if math skills continue to decline, folks will be a lot less upset by an increase of a single factorial in the national debt, after all 1! is just $1.

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