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Cracking Acorn, the Times Don't Care

Michelle Malkin reminds us that last year the NY Times started to investigate Acorn, but Stephanie Strom, the reporter, dropped the story after receiving some rather unpleasant phone calls from the Obama campaign.  (A short version is here).  Perhaps the Times and other representatives of the old establishment media will finally return to the story.

Were I in the Lefty community-organizing community, and if I believed that America was a fundamentally unjust place, where the rich and the powerful tend to have their way and the poor tend to get the short end of the stick rather more here than elsewhere, I would have a rather large chip on my shoulder.  That chip might lead me to feel entitled to bend or break the law, just as I had been taught to think that most rich people do.  In short, I would not be surprised to find a great deal of corruption in Acorn and other like groups.

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meh. who cares. why would making mistakes and corruption be a reason to take away their federal funding? hell, we bailed out both GM and the entire financial industry and their mistakes were a lot more damaging than some office worker trying to help someone start a brothel.

Glenn Greenwald has the best smackdown of the ACORN hysteria I've read thus far:

And he's actually a principled writer, unlike the shrieker Michelle Malkin, with her "2 million people" claim that she pulled out her rear for the Glenn Beck 9/12 protests in DC. Anytime Malkin - the REAL defender of American concentration camps - "reminds" us of anything, I usually hold my nose from the get-go.

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