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It's now almost certain that Guantanamo will not be closed as promised.  "White House Counsel Gregory B. Craig, who initially guided the effort to close the prison and who was an advocate of setting the deadline, is no longer in charge of the project, two senior administration officials said this week."  He will, of course, be promoted: "he is on the short list for a seat on the bench or a diplomatic position."  The President will stay where he is.
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Who needs gitmo when they can beat, tear gas, sick dogs on you, use sound cannons on you right on your street. coming to a town near you soon. I can't believe this is what it has come too. If the pampered elites want a meeting, can't they at least hold it somewhere remote or mabye they just get off to all this sort of stuff.

Brutus, you've got some sort of integrity for bringing that up here, so I thank you. The topic certainly wouldn't be brought up by any of the bloggers here (except, possibly, to hint that the protestors got what they deserved)...

Perhaps once Gitmo is cleared of prisoners, the "pampered elites" wouldn't mind meeting there and sparing cities the mess created on the streets when they come to this kind of event. Guantanamo is remotely isolated, easy to protect, so that no one could get near enough to appear a threat for local law enforcement.

Honestly, I figured the G-20 met in Pittsburgh because they thought it was remote.

Indeed, an honest yeoman protestor can throw nary a rock at police or smash out a store-owner's windows before the fascists sick their attack dogs on him. What's this country coming to?

In regards to Guantanamo: President Bush always wanted to close it down (after it became a political liability, at least), but was unable to owing to the fact that no one wanted the prisoners in their country. Evidently, President Obama's election has done little to nothing to change that.

President Obama is now seeing the difference between running against Bush and actually governing the country and keeping it safe. He wants to keep his progressive base happy while quietly acknowledging that the Bush administration made some prudent decisions about the terrorists. Welcome to the real world.

The only thing I will say to Andrew's point is do you need LRAD's and storm troopers to stop some "anarchist" from smashing a windown with a brick. I don't like destruction of property, but come on. Whatever was going on there was way out of porportion. It looked like some sureal scene out of a first person shooter or Orwell inspired sci fi film. What is worse to the family living there, an "anarchist" smashes a window or military and police shutting down the roads and anouncing that people are part of "unlawful" assemblies....isn't there something important from history about assemblies. Black hum V's with LRAD's mounted on them are hardly appropriate from American cities or any city street outside of a warzone. It was so strange watching the protestors though because you had people protesting everying thing under the sun from free tibet to anarchist to anti-bailout and more or less they all got suspressed. The entire thing looked to be a beta test for something more IMHO.

So, it's fair to say that they were wrong, the right-wingers who were warning us before and soon after the election that Obama (the secret Muslim and "Islamofascist" terrorist sympathizer) would release his barbarous buddies to run loose in the streets of Ashland, Chardon, or some other unsuspecting, wholesome, all-American burg? Instead, Obama's - to some extent - following the Bush lead. The guy that was voted in on the mantra of "change" isn't giving us much (even if the more level-headed among us never bought the ridiculous warnings emanating from the right). In fact, he's probably given the right-wing more to be thankful for than the average milquetoast liberal. The next warning about him will be that he won't cut taxes ENOUGH!

Brutus said "It was so strange watching the protestors though because you had people protesting everying thing under the sun from free tibet to anarchist to anti-bailout and more or less they all got suspressed."

So, it sounds like the crowd was as unfocused as the 9/12 protestors (except for the fact that 99% of the 9/12ers agree on their hatred of Obama) - with the important distinction being that the people protesting in DC didn't face the military-style (or really, ANY) supression tactics.

Hope they have some room for Obama's home grown domestic terrorist,
Chicago Cop’s perspective here,

Do you think the publicity that the 912 protest recieved led to this reaction from the government? No matter how hard politicians try appear like they are with the people I don't think its good for either party to have these sorts of demonstrations. So the question is not a vieled swipe at the left.

Back on topic, Is it not already stated that the real facilities are in eastern europe and the Gitmo is more or less all for show?

How's that hopen n change crap working for everyone?

Oh, Aresay, what a post! And what a blog you have! So colorful. I see that in addition to NLT, you also promote Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Michael Savage. Big surprise. And you've got birther links up there and a nice big pic of Obama as the socialism Joker. Oh, what creative and original fun.

But, back to your comment above, can you explain why you refer to those fighting students (from rival gangs) as "Obama's home grown domestic terrorist" ?? What exactly makes them Obama's? And what makes them terrorists?

Aresay - because "rsay" and "oursay" were already taken. Genius. Did you ever just consider an entirely different blog name?

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