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How One Ohio School is Dealing with Obama's Speech on Tuesday

Kudos to the Superintendent of Medina City Schools (just South of Cleveland) for leaving it up to parents to decide whether their kids should listen to Tuesday's address. Also impressive is his emphasis on the Constitution. Good for him.

Dear Parents of Medina City Schools,

In case you haven't heard, President Obama intends to address the children of our great nation on Tuesday, September 8th at noon. As a district we will not be airing President Obama's speech or utilizing the supporting documents for the speech. While we believe his intentions are good, we will leave it to you, the parents, to determine if you wish to have your children view President Obama's speech.

While we sincerely respect the position of President of the United States, as an educational institution we must also respect the rights of a parent to make decisions for their children when it comes to politics. Many parents have called the District both in favor and against the speech being broadcast live to students. In order to minimize any controversy and the potential disruption of the educational process, we decided to leave it to parents to discuss or watch the speech with their children on their own time. Should you make the decision to view the speech with your child you can access it via an archived webcast at or

The Medina City School District will teach your children to think critically and think for themselves. We will also teach children how to sift through all of the information that is available to them (political or not), decide between fact and fiction, and then understand the process for making an educated decision based on quality information. We will also continue to make sure that our students know and understand the branches of government and the Constitution of the United States. We believe that once they truly understand the Constitution they will then be able to make good political decisions on their own.

Thanks for your understanding on this matter and thank you for your ongoing support of the Medina City School District!

Randy Stepp
Medina City Schools
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Home school your children. Repeat. Home school your children.

The President of the United States addresses children to urge them not to do drugs and to get an education.
Apparently some parents find this objectionable.
And send a message of viscousness, partisanship, disrespect, and hatred to their children.
It's simultaneously amusing, disturbing, and tragic.

Why do we speak of partisanship as if it were inherently evil? Because I have a feeling that it is your disdain for "partisanship" which all the other...language is predicated on here. To object is vicious, disrespectful, hateful, etc.

Had Obama approached the event with the proper presidential decorum, then perhaps mayhem would not have ensued. But of course, there are always the creepy accompaniments with this administration.

Students, what have you done to help the Dear Leader today in his struggle against the capitalists?

I sure do have it right. My 15 year-old home schooled teenager tested out at 12 grade level on all subjects - math, science, english, history, etc. He is in the 95% of 12 graders in California. He is a freshman. U.C. Davis is already recruiting him for Vet School. They want him badly. Home school your children. Repeat. Home School Your Children. By the way, whenever Obama makes a speech, my son corrects not only his historical knowledge, but his grammar as well.

cowgirl, I fail to see how your child's exceptional home-schooled education translates into a universal imperative to homeschool every child. I know quite a few highly intelligent and well-educated students who went to public school, as well as just as many (if not more) poorly educated, socially awkward, and border-line stupid students who were homeschooled and/or attended private (Christian) school.

But congrats to your son. I imagine he will be turning down U.C. Davis for fear of being indoctrinated by red-diaper doper professors, yes? Claremont, Hillsdale, and Ashland would certainly all be better choices.

Overall home school children test out better than public school children. They represent 2% of the population in the U.S. in school and yet win over 90% of academic contests and are now winning a high percentage of sports scholarships. This speaks louder than words. Home schooled kids on the average on above that of kids schooled in public schools. Period. End of Discussion. My son will not turn down U.C. Davis. He looks at it as a challenge. If he can destroy Obama's speeches, the lib profs at U.C. Davis will be a walk in the park.

Matt & Craig: You might find this article extremely interesting:,0,4203620.story. The LA public school systems have been failing for decades. I repeat Failing. The very pro-union mayor of LA Villaraigosa, is backing this proposal. I repeat the very pro-union Villaraigosa is backing this proposal. LA is going to privatize the public school system because it is failing, I repeat failing. If you don't believe me, you can get the online testing data at the following link for the state of California which is 47th in the nation:
My son was in the public school system from kindergarten through 4th grade. One word: Disaster. We pulled him out and home schooled him. He went from a D student to an A+ student. The public schools are failing. I repeat. Failing. But you are good comrades and continue to live in the liberal utopia.

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