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In explaining the bad options we have regarding Iran, why sanctions won't work, why attacking the nuclear sites won't work, Eliot Cohen endorses a more radical policy:  "It is, therefore, in the American interest to break with past policy and actively seek the overthrow of the Islamic Republic. Not by invasion, which this administration would not contemplate and could not execute, but through every instrument of U.S. power, soft more than hard. And if, as is most likely, President Obama presides over the emergence of a nuclear Iran, he had best prepare for storms that will make the squawks of protest against his health-care plans look like the merest showers on a sunny day."

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When she says Iran has been at war with the United States and its allies since 1979 why does she not clarify that they particular ally was soddam hussien and Iraq? The cloak and dagger stuff has just as much potential to galvanize the regine and blow back as the outright attacks just look at the history of the CIA. This all leaves us wondering what might have been had the CIA and brzenszki and carter not backed the Islamic Fundamentalists in Iran. I wonder if my children will be left to say the same about our current course of action.

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