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Sarah Palin's book

Last night I noticed that CNN was making fun of Sarah Palin and her book, how quickly she wrote it, she didn't really write it, how absurd it was for her publisher to have a first printing of a million and a half copies, and so on (the book is to be published in November).  Today I noticed that it is already Number Two on Amazon.

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Update: It's #1 now.

I'd settle for #2 on Amazon with my books! Anyway, of course CNN is attacking her and her book. She's a Republican, which means she's a dummy who doesn't read and certainly can't write her own book . . . blah, blah blah. Right in there with Reagan, Quayle, Gingrich, W, etc.

Wow. Even the publisher's blurb can't make this book sound not-stupid. Have fun reading this one . . .

And maybe start looking for some new heroes?

Want to watch a leftist have a mental breakdown? Two words - Sarah Palin. Want to watch them get committed.... add the following "is running for President in 2012".

Think again, cowgirl. Any leftist - or your average liberal, for that matter - finds her more amusing than troubling. I LOVE the idea of her running in 2012 and wholeheartedly encourage her to have a big campaign.

What will her campaign slogan be, "I Won't Quit This Time, You Betcha, I Promise!" ???

I'm sure her book will sell well, but that doesn't mean she can come anywhere close to winning an election.

I love seeing the libtards in such a "can't win for losing" situation. They know Palin is not irrelevant or a joke, but they have to make her irrelevant. If they say she's irrelevant or a joke, they are proving she's relevant and agitating her supporters. If they ignore her, she simply continues to build her base and structure. She can't lose for winning!

And the biggest irony is that their attacks last year are a big part of what has made her the contender so soon. Even as the NRA declared Barack Hussein Obama the "2009 Firearms Salesman of the Year," the Leftists themselves deserve the title, "Palin Promoters of the Decade."

Craig - you will be committed soon. Like all liberals you have no factual arguments. Calling her irrelevant makes no sense. Her book, which is not even available yet is at number one on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, This is unprecedent and has never taken place in the histgory of the publishing industry in the United States. Ted Kennedy''s book, you know the Senator who killed Mary Jo and then covered it up, can't even come close to Palins' book sales. To put it bluntly - you, the left and Obama are terrified of her. Your post reeks of it ..

Liberals hate this, she is a powerhouse, she shouldn't run in 2012,but should she choose to we will support her. Anything would be better than this floppy eared buffoon in there now !!

cowgirl - Can you please point to where I've called Palin "irrelevant"??

In this thread, Tom used the word first, then you. I haven't. Do I think she's irrelevant? Yes and no. She's not relevant in the sense that she is likely to be a contender for office (unless she runs in a super-conservative district somewhere) but she is influential among the 15-20% of Christian conservative Americans (the sort who like torture and gave Bush/Cheney a thumbs-up in the polls throughout his entire career). I can imagine her on Dancing with the Stars (with Tom Delay?) or co-hosting the 700 Club. Or working at some policy center, promoting whatever it is she believes (like, per Alaska's oil revenues, spreading the wealth to the citizenry (yay!)... or not spreading the wealth or whatever). She's influential, but not determinative.

Jeff: You aren't doing the Right any favors by calling the President of the United States a "floppy eared buffoon." I was willing to countenance this sort of talk for a while, but I think it is about time the movement purifies by fire.

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