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SNL: Reagan, Mastermind

I've mentioned a few times that the famous Saturday Night Live skit of Reagan as mastermind is closer to the truth that anyone knew, proving that comedy once again trumps the conventional view.  Turns out the skit is available on Hulu here.  (Thanks to Cliff Bates for sending this along.)
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Does anyone else remember the skit that SNL (I think) did about the Ladies room? It started with lots of potential: two women on a double date with their husbands got up to go to the Ladies Room and the men, left behind as usual, began to speculate on the wonders that awaited their dates in the Ladies room because it always seems that women always go there in packs, there's always a long line, and it takes them such a blessed long time to do whatever it is that they are doing in there. So the two guys decide that their curiosity is just too much and they crash the Ladies Room (can't remember if they were in drag or not). They discovered a kind of resort-style paradise with buff men fanning the ladies with ostrich feathers and drinks being served while the ladies had massages and manicures, etc. If only ... sadly, most of them look a lot more like the men's room from this blog. Though, perhaps, not in as much need as that one was of a "Stick Up."

The skit is really more about liberals than Reagan. They couldn't process why 'he looks so dumb, yet accomplishes so much'.

Solution: "He must be an evil genius!"

Much easier than looking in the mirror and saying "Damn; he was right and I was wrong!"

The funniest part of the whole thing is that two of the countries he was talking about smuggling arms and cash to we are at war with now. If Reagan was in charge, Why did he shock people and pick Bush as VP late that night at the convention after campaigning against secret societies and such?

I see that I posted the comment above under the wrong post . . . meant it to go under his post about the bathroom blog. Sorry.

Ah, the wonders of the Internet. I've often wished I could see that skit agin.

(Btw, did anyone else notice that the young guy who ushers the Girl Scout in and out is Dennis Miller!)

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