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Are There Any "Right" Lights in the Big Cities?

Ben Boychuk and Joel Mathis have a smart and compelling conversation with Michael Anton, former speechwriter to many Republican politicians (for these purposes, most notably including former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani), about what it might take to see viable Republican candidates in coastal big city politics.  Anton's answer, in short, is to be careful what you wish for.  Things would have to be very bad indeed, for Republicans to fare well in most coastal urban settings.  His long answer, however, is both more satisfying and more illuminating.  He spans a broad spectrum of issues from the nature and purpose of the Republican party and the direction in which it is now heading to the more practical questions of how Republican politicians might gain both rhetorical and strategic headway in an atmosphere that seems so intransigently stacked against them; a useful thing to contemplate, I'd suggest, for the broader national political scene as well.  In it, I think, there may be something to learn for purposes of contrast and comparison between . . . oh, I don't know . . . a Sarah Palin type of candidate  v. a Liz Cheney figure?  Not that either of them could ever win a race for dog catcher in NYC . . . but there are broader principles offered up for your consideration in this discussion that might certainly apply.

Then, too, there's a bonus bit offered at the end for those of you contemplating the nation's declining sartorial situation.   Could the election of Obama really mean the end of the tie?  Previous recessions have at least had the benefit of suggesting to people the notion of taking greater care in their attire.  But despite the current recession, the tie seems to be losing ground.  Anton, means to do what he can (which, despite the publication of this fine work, appears not to be much) to stand athwart the tailor's table shouting, "NO!"
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Forget about GOP advances in the cities, you should be worrying about just maintaining what you have in the rural, conservative pockets you're holding now.

Here's a great example of the problems at issue in those areas. Senators voting for big defense contractors over rape victims. If you're losing your grip on the law-and-order and victim's rights issues, that's a big chunk of the GOP's constituency right there (see especially the part about small-town newspapers; yes, I know, they're dominated by evil librulz from the big cities, too, I guess!):

As for the "nation's declining sartorial situation," I think you and George "Jeans-Are-The-Downfall-of-Civilization" Will should linger around some of the Obama-created unemployment and job-search lines and tut-tut some of those people for their clothing choices. I'd really enjoy seeing that.

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