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Do the Wave--2010 Edition

George Will writes about Republican prospects in the 2010 election--particularly in the Senate and beginning with Delaware--and speculates that the potential consequences for Democrats help to explain Obama's seemingly mad dash to remake the world in less than a year.  Does he understand that the window of opportunity is closing?  Or is he in the impossible position of cranking the lever shut even as he wedges himself in the opening?  Will says to keep an eye on unemployment figures--the "most politically salient thing"--and a thing that (given Obama's policies) is unlikely to change.  
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My husband just came home from a day-long seminar about what is coming up in tax law over the next couple of years. The Bush tax-cuts are vanishing, as are the reductions in capital gains taxes. This is good news for him, since part of his business is finding ways to shelter money from taxes and the coming tax rate changes are going to make any available shelters seem good to people who never knew they were among the wealthy, as well as to the actually wealthy. The post-war baby boom is heading into retirement (which is one reason why medical costs are so high) and the taxes on their retirement benefits will be higher than projected. Are the Democrats doing to do anything to protect that growing segment of their consituency, the wealthy? Nothing much seems on the horizon and it may be that the ensuing revenue grab will seem too good to pass up. Somebody has to come up with the money for all that is proposed and that has already been spent.

All that by way of speaking of Obama's economic policy, which seems designed to make prosperity into a subject of nostalgia, except for those who can get jobs as czar.

As to the Will article, is it awful to be excited about the probably defeat of Harry Reid?

Not at all awful . . . re: Harry Reid.

As for what the Dems are doing for their up and coming constituency . . . why, what they always do. They can soon expect a check in the amount of $250.

The new world order works just as well coming from the "right" as it does the "left"
who wants to tell me how this is any different from what we see today. GoP winning some seats will do so very little to change things. I do agree that the speed is astonishing at which events are going it is due to the age of the old guard and the fear of massive awakening.

Now even GoP race baits. “We’re not going to be the party of angry white guys” Neo-con Lindsey Graham on Ron Paul supporters. This was, of course, in the context oh him speaking in support of "climate change" legislation.

The GOP better wake up and clean their own house of the RINO's and look at real Conservatives or they will be just as unemployed as the libs when the votes are counted.......unless acorn can pull another scam and keep the power for the left.

If the left keeps power after 2010 and keeps pushing Americans, I fear things will spin out of control towards events we all would rather avoid. But real Americans will never give up Freedom without a fight!

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