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Georgetown Student Seeks Personal Assistant

Fellow students are giving the Georgetown sophomore grief for advertising a $10 an hour job to drive him around, schedule him, wash and fold his laundry, etc.:  He's "just full of himself."  But isn't this the logical conclusion of what David Brooks wrote eight years ago, in his "Organization Kid"--that undergraduate students schedule virtually everything and as a result devote no time for many of the most important things a bright student should be doing?   A sample from Brooks:

There are a lot of things these future leaders no longer have time for. I was on [the Princeton] campus at the height of the election season, and I saw not even one Bush or Gore poster. I asked around about this and was told that most students have no time to read newspapers, follow national politics, or get involved in crusades:

As silly as the Georgetown kid may appear, he appears to be following out student logic. 

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Time was when such a young man might . . . gasp! . . . get married. Just sayin'

What is the end game of this sort of education? I mean when you take such little time to enjoy the beauty and simple pleasures of life does that leave you a control freek/tryant who's only enjoyment comes from quasi royal privilage and power.

Hot off the press, watch all 14 parts and possibly learn something.

Remember, too, the kid is making a rational economic calculation. Given the cost of higher education, what is he giving up in such terms of study, leisure, and even volunteer time for paying someone $10-12 for personal drudgery? The kid may even come to appreciate the Jeeves stories....

Seems to be the no different than what Kramer did on Seinfeld when he hired an intern for the Kramerica Corporation.

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