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Forgive me . . . I was camping with the family then and did not see.

Hey, I might as well repost my comment from the other time this was posted, too:

He's trying so hard. He puts in 10 times the effort that Glenn Beck does, and gets less than half the (unintentional) comic firepower - to wit:

(and yes, I already know about his beyond-pathetic follow-up where he desperately claims that his mistake was really just a genius plan to teach liberal bloggers a lesson)

Also, regarding the Tim Hawkins stuff, um, the government doesn't take "all"/"everything" I make. And I like his line about how "the government" can "make the Founding Fathers roll over in their grave" - weren't the Founding Fathers some sort of accomplices in creating our gummint (Yeah, I know, I know - they wanted it small enough to drown in a bathtub)?

These two guys have made something that can function as a pretty sly riposte to Carrot Top-meet-Ayn Rand, and their budget was clearly much smaller:

(Warning: 2nd vid has some swearing; would not be suitable for a Disney cruise, unlike the "comic" stylings of Tim Hardin)

Thanks, Craig. In case you were wondering, yes, your comment is just as asinine the second time around.

I wasn't wondering what you thought, Bubonic Plague. I actually never wonder what you think about any of my comments.

That exchange takes me back to sixth grade. I think, Craig you are the archiver so let me know if i'm right, that i posted this idea in a comment long before he made that video and noted at the time that it was just a ripoff of the garbage man can via the simpsons.

P.S. I always wonder what you think. Seriously.

Thanks, Brutus, and yes, you did say that earlier about this alleged "comedy" sketch.

But I'm NOT the archivist here. NLT has an archives and I have a basic sense of how to do a Google search based on comments that I happen to remember.

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