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Hayward and The Conservative Brain

I will have more to say about this whole thing later on (when my kids' soccer and baseball schedule permits!) but, in the meantime, I didn't want anyone to miss this lively interchange between Steve Hayward, Ben Boychuk and Joel Mathis over at Infinite Monkeys.  
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Thanks for the link, Julie. I hope everyone here has time to listen. Steve was a real sport for joining us. My collaborator Joel Mathis is a liberal, so Steve got to spar a bit. The discussion of Glenn Beck near the end is illuminating. I'm not entirely persuaded that Beck's audience appreciates the nuance, but if Beck is reading the right things -- not just re-reading Atlas Shrugged and the collected works of Cleon Skousen -- then there may be hope yet.

Thanks to Julie for directing us to a worthwhile discussion on the state of conservatism. Steve has a point about the occasional serious-mindedness of Beck but his basic modus operandi of out-there populism, or whatever, is quite off-putting to me. For my part, Beck’s (and others) overall effect is counterproductive for the possibility of a renewed intellectually sound and effective conservative movement, which is our present challenge.

Unlike 90% of these things, this one is worth the time...Hayward at his best. Thank you, Julie.

"Unlike 90% of these things, this one is worth the time..."

Carl, may I rip this out of context and use it as a blurb for the podcast?

Ben, be my guest.

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