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I just came across this site, Keep America Safe, put out by Liz Cheney, Debra Burlingame, and Bill Kristol.  Have a look at it, it seems good and useful.  I especially liked the links to be found (under six different categories) in "Resources."

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Wow, "WH Communications Director Dunn Inspired by Mao" is a telling video/article.

fta: The praise for Mao isn’t a throwaway line by Miss Dunn; she actually explains why he is one of the two people (along with Mother Teresa!) she turns to most when it comes to “fighting your own war.”

Keep America Safe. How safe do they want to keep it? As safe as Cheney and Bush kept it on September 11, 2001? That safe?? Um...I'll pass, thanks.

Anyway, what a joke of an organization. For starters the name of the group brings to mind some sort of bland, Church Lady - meets - Ralph Nader sort of project. Talk about pushing the Nanny State mentality!! Why should America be safe in the first place??!! Life is full of risks, there are no guarantees, there's no free lunch, and if you get the wrong medical problem and your insurance company drops you like a greased lead weight, hey, that's tough cookies! Deal with it and grab your bootstraps (Heal thyself?), etc., etc. Further, the entire purpose of the group is just more of the same, old demagogic fearmongering, just done more crassly than before (that is, with an opportunistic focus on raking it in). It used to be we were instructed to buy duct tape and plastic sheeting, and call the cops every time we saw a suspicious ("swarthy" Arab) person or an abandoned rucksack, or if we noticed our neighbors got unusual mail, or seemed too eager to check their mailbox. You know, stuff that would really help keep us safe. Now, it's [taken directly from the website]:

1. Join Us
2. Contribute
3. Write News Editors
4. Call Talk Radio
5. Write Your Legislators

Yaaaaawn. The whole "Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!!!" schtick has really become domesticated and institutionalized. I wonder if they'll have a good page for Kids' Safety Tips for Halloween?

Lastly, I don't know why any credibility should be assumed for a group run by Bill Kristol, the guy who's been horribly and consistently wrong on just about everything for the last 8-10 years, minimum. And Cheney's daughter doesn't help, either. The sister of a 9/11 pilot who covered the OJ trial for CourtTV? Not much better, really...

If I wanted to help the terrorists that's about what I'd say too.

...or you could just do (or reflexively approve of) everything Bush and Cheney did in the first 8 and a half months of their presidency.

I agree about the site, but lets not limit ourselves to denouncing only GOP members when we evaluate what is still going on.

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