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Motivational Posters, Churchill Edition

From Jonah's Odd-Links gal Debbie, Churchill motivational posters.  Looks like the site is worth bookmarking.  Is Mansfield secretly behind it?
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LOVE that . . . and I've a den to decorate! Suggestions on the best one to use will be considered.

But I don't see Niccolo Giovanni here, do you?

Where are the posters for these "manly" Winston Churchill quotes?

"I do not agree that the dog in a manger has the final right to the manger even though he may have lain there for a very long time. I do not admit that right. I do not admit that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race, has come in and taken their place."
[Churchill to Palestine Royal Commission, 1937]

What could that one be titled? "Greatness"?

"I do not understand the squeamishness about the use of gas. I am strongly in favour of using poisonous gas against uncivilised tribes."
[Writing as president of the Air Council, 1919]

That could be "Protecting Civilization" or "Ends Justifies Means".

Those sure would put an elegant touch on a den, wouldn't they?

Or, this one, which could make an alternate version of the "Courage" poster, or maybe "Admiration":

"One may dislike Hitler's system and yet admire his patriotic achievement. If our country were defeated, I hope we should find a champion as admirable to restore our courage and lead us back to our place among the nations."
[From his Great Contemporaries, 1937]

(I don't recall having seen any of those in Jonah's "book")

Believe it or not, Steven, I've looked at that very blog several times before, but found it too much of a one-trick pony to bookmark it. I was pleased to see this entry there, though:

10 Reasons Real Men "Go Green" - written by a woman, no less!

It includes these gems:

"Global warming is real. Climate change is affected by man’s actions. But it’s not just global warming that is cause for serious concern. Our precious resources – water, oil – are dwindling. Food is scarce. Weather has become disastrous. These are very real problems that can be dismissed only if you are the most cavalier sort of ignoramus."

"7. Real Men Aren't Cowboys"
"Forget the faux cowboy schtick. Being a man isn’t about driving a truck and tearing into a bloody pork chop."

Fun stuff.

Remind me to stay away from you at social gatherings

Fair enough. If I ever meet someone who goes by "Owl Of Minerva" at a social gathering, I'll remind you to stay away from me.

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