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Toward the Health Care Precipice

Andrew Busch makes a powerful argument about why the Democrats insist that passing a health care bill, any bill, is a good thing: They have learned the wrong lesson from 1994.  They continue to think (Bill Clinton is explicit about it) that Democrats were punished in November 1994 by voters who were angered by the failure of Congress to act on a matter of crucial national concern. Liberal voters were dispirited and moderates soured on Clinton's promise of "change." Andy maintains that this is not true.  "The 1994 Clinton health care bill died because it was a bad bill, the public knew it, and Congress knew the public knew it. The same conditions apply today..."  But they don't get it.  Good piece.

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But then again, they're trying to force it through prior to Deeds and Corzine going down hard in November. Which means at some level they're aware that this entire health care "reform" they're pushing hard means a not insignificant number of Democrats are going to be walking the political plank.

Steve Hayward often described the absence of a "limiting principle" within liberalism. We're seeing something akin here, where Democrats are aware that this is a political disaster, but they appear incapable of stopping themselves, or no one in their party has the stature to stand up, be heard, and call them to their political senses.


Obama has got one term stenciled to his forehead, and the Democrats are going to be drive away an entire generation of younger Americans who signed up for Obama's agenda of coded language and coy euphemisms.

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