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All I Need is the Girl

The trend in elite circles.  Parents who are disappointed when they have a son:

Gender disappointment is not an official psychiatric diagnosis. It's an Internet-era label, an appellation coined by women who are bitterly unhappy about their baby's gender and who can't get over it, even after their child is born. It's also a subculture, or, as Lewis says, a club. There are books on GD (Altered Dreams: Living With Gender Disappointment), herbal tonics and tablets intended to influence a child's sex, and a handful of fertility specialists who have no qualms about taking all the guesswork out of baby making. "Why not?" asks Jeffery Steinberg, MD, an Encino, California-based reproductive endocrinologist who specializes in the use of in vitro fertilization for sex selection. "We're not producing monsters; we're producing healthy babies."

Much of the talk on the GD message boards revolves around sex selection methods, ranging from various folk remedies to sperm-sorting and spinning methods (MicroSort, Ericsson) to the holy grail: in vitro fertilization with preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), a technique in which a doctor determines the gender of the embryos and transfers only those that fit the parents' request. The most popular at-home option is the Shettles method, named after the doctor who developed it and involving the exquisite timing of intercourse relative to ovulation. . . .

Some women go as far as to label their own boys as "failed sways" or "Shettles Opposites." The mother of little Caleb, writing on In-Gender, wants it known that her apple-cheeked son is "living as a MicroSort statistic": He is the unexpected result of a 92.9 percent girl sort probability that doctors gave her. The mom of three-year-old Isaac and two-year-old Isaiah, who's expecting another boy on December 15, has put a frowny-face icon next to her due date. "I hate my life," she writes. "My family is complete in reality but not in my heart." She is considering giving all three of her boys up for adoption: "I want to give them to someone who can actually love them."

P.S. I chose the label, "Pop Culture" for this one. It should be "mom and pop culture."

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What's wrong with Sinatra? Hearing his version of the song at lunch gave me the title idea.

Well he will throw away his stripped tie and his tweed vest for the girl....once men stop wearing ties only girls are wanted?

A lot of doctors are getting rid of the tie because it makes contact with sick patients and may spread germs.

boys who play in the dirt may be more likely to spread germs...generally seen as the less sanitary at least.

You don't tell a girl to rub some dirt on it and keep playing.

A lot of parents would prefer to have a boy as well...and would probably pay handsomely for it...i.e NFL football players with 3 girls already(ESPN mag article).

Once you can do something about it, it is harder to give thanks for a blessing.

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