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And Now For Something Completely Different: The Bacon Explosion

Conversation during my splendid visit to the Ashbrook Center this week turned a couple times to high calorie fare, such as the bacon explosion, which burst on the scene a couple years ago.  It's about 5,000 calories, with 500 grams of fat!  Here's a quick video of my experiment with the bacon explosion a few months ago.

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I love that Times story for this little bit:

It also got mentions on the Web site of Air America, the liberal radio network, and National Review, the conservative magazine. Jonah Goldberg at wrote, “There must be a reason one reader after another sends me this every couple hours.” linked, too.

So did regular people...

That makes me smile.

"Regular people" here likely means the liberals with whom I was once obliged to spend the Fourth of July: no burgers, no hotdogs, just chicken breast and salad.

I look forward to seeing, in a couple weeks, the latest turducken explosion.

That's more or less right, Ken The reference to the leftist Air America at the very beginning of the passage I quoted adds a veneer of bipartisanship to the dig, certainly. But I left off a couple of sentences that referred to various hobbyists, including hunters, off-roaders and "outdoor enthusiasts." To sum up, then, there are hunters, outdoorsmen, off-roaders, National Review people, Conservatives4Palin, and the odd Air America listener. (The writer gets four out of six.) And then there are regular people.

Makes me grin every time.

Speaking of Bacon Explosion and the Nobel Peace prize....if Obama did bring together some Arabs and Jews the quickest way to get them to agree on something might be to serve Bacon Explosion.

We who are about to overeat salute you!

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