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Our pal Clark Judge of the White House Writer's Group offers an account of a recent survey of the world scene by Henry Kissinger last week in London.  Salient excerpt:

Regarding the major global security decision before the two countries today, Kissinger said that troop levels in Afghanistan needed to reflect the conditions on the ground and what is at stake.  We must act before we are confronted with far greater challenges.  We must not allow Pakistan to become a failed state.  If Pakistan should become a failed state, the crisis will quickly spread to India, with its large Muslim population and history of conflicts among groups.

There's more, including Dr. K's speculations about China, and Clark's reading of the prospects in British politics.  Hint:  The Tories are coming!  Soon!
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That was interesting, but not very encouraging. If it is true that Great Britain is wide open for a Tory victory, it will be interesting to see how they manage to cope with what the Labor Party leaves them. I haven't been paying attention, but wonder if reversing the trend of expanding government is any more possible now than it was when Thatcher took over. It begins to look like nations long to grow government, but then long for a breather every now and then and elect conservatives just to hold things steady for a bit on this long slide into soft despotism. The democractic body politic takes a breather like a man after a big turkey dinner might hold up before tackling dessert. He might even take a stroll around the block, burning off fifty calories thinking he's slimming down when what he really needed was to avoid the table altogether. Whcih is to ask if the election of conservatives over there might be too little too late? An American election of a more conservative Congress after passage of the healthcare by this one is comparable.

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