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We've all heard the cliche "jumped the shark," and its pedigree from an old episode of "Happy Days."  I got curious: sure enough, the scene is on YouTube here.  It really is as dreadful as you've heard.  Here's an even longer version if you want to really waste time.  Now I know how the slogan caught on.
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A show that comes to mind as having "jumped the shark" is M*A*S*H ... early on it was very good; in the last year or so it became so dreadfully preachy I could barely watch it.

"Scrubs" followed a similar path.

I thought "House" was going to go that route when by the 4th season they removed every ounce of humanity from the character, turning him into a gruff cartoon. But they've pulled back and the show is better for it.

Thanks for reminding me, Don, that I've been meaning to tune in to House again to see if it's gotten any better. If it has, I would not be surprised to find out that Hugh Laurie had something to do with it . . . a guy who both played Bertie Wooster and understands and appreciates Wodehouse was bound to know when his show was getting too close to the shark.

Julie, go to and search on "House." They have the Season 6 episodes there. Start with the first one -- "Broken" -- which is 1.5 hours long and a terrific bit of television drama.

I concur with Don in AZ. The season premiere was marvelous, in no small part because it guest starred Andre Braugher. House has been much better this year.

I vividly remember that episode of Happy Days. My mom and I were visiting a friend in the hospital. It was horrifying. I never looked at Henry Winkler the same after that. Just as well.

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