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Over in England, the government is taking children away from their parents and putting them in foster care because, the government says, allowing children to be obese is a form of child abuse.

Overweight children are being placed in foster care on the grounds that they are victims of child abuse.

Experts have warned that feeding youngsters an endless diet of junk food causes serious health problems ? and should be treated in the same way as physical or sexual assault.

Dr Russell Viner, a consultant paediatrician at Great Ormond Street and University College London hospitals, said he knew of 15 cases where children had been taken from their parents because of obesity.

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I'm sure that it goes hand in hand with this gem of a program.
Why are we allies? This crap sounds like stuff from an anti communist propoganda film and this is our great ally?

Hey, let's hear it for LIBERTY!!! If I want to feed my kid an endless diet of chips and soda, it's my "right" as the parent. Yeah, really???

I don't know, Mr. Adams. I don't think this is such a black-and-white, easy call. I've definitely seen some situations in the States where a good case for child abuse could be made. Just saying "It's a private, family matter" and turning our backs seems highly questionable in some cases.

Yes, our children must remain strong for the State. They must remain fit to carry out the will of the Dear Leader. Those who allow our children to grow fat must be punished.

Attaboy, Yersinia!! Give your kid another bag of Chee-tos to subvert Obama's evil Master Plan! (But, on the other hand, if the kids are so fat and lethargic they're not even able to prop a gun to their shoulder, that will complicate things when Obama's jackbooted thugs come to take away our guns)

I think chips and soda are far better than the diet of rape and abuse that is the CPS system.

CPS?? Sorry, what's that?

Child Protective Services.......I'm sure some of the people in that line of work have the best intentions and do the best they can, but there is a story out every week about missing foster kids, abuse, rape, ect. Some have even stated that the children are sold to mega corporations and used as lab rats, have not done enough reading on that to guage rather it is true. Taking away a kid because of a diet of chips and soda and putting them into the system is insane. It would be like hiding from a mouse in a lion's cage.

CPS (child protection services?)

Albeit I think in most states they are also known as DHS or Department of Human Services... sort of a majority minority, DMV, BMV (department vs. Bureau) type of thing.

In the District of Columbia v. Hampton, the DHS took away a 2 year old and placed her in the care of a foster parent, the foster parent was out shopping, and her 12 year old son who was baby sitting couldn't get the child to stop crying, so he beat it to death. In a suit against DHS, the court rulled that there was seperation of Nanny and State, or to be less cute about it that foster parents are not agents or employees of state familly service agencies. So if DHS or CPS takes your kid and he/she dies in a foster home you can't recover against the state.(sometimes you can)

While I agree with Craig that an endless diet of junk food is a form of child abuse, especially when no excercise is involved and it just sits in front of the TV and punctuates its complaints with twinkies...

In a fictional world both Harry Potter and Dudley Dursley's are abused...Harry gets the abuse from what might as well be a foster familly... and if we accept that overfeeding is abuse then child abuse comes back around to recognizing behavior that used to indicate being spoiled.

I don't think we want to put the Dudley Dursley's of the world into foster homes, because all sorts of child abuse is rampant, but being in a foster home doesn't exactly promise an improvement for most forms of mild abuse.

While it would also be a form of child abuse, a version of Spartan youth trainning would effectively cause weight loss among overfed kids... make them get food by stealth and cunning from the healots.

While it would probably be quasi-ethical and cause a lot of complaints, I bet you could get a TV channel to spring for a reality TV show where kids who are taken from parents because they are overfed(spoiled) have to undergo a series of obstacles and contests to get food, and only progress within the system by loosing weight. I would like to run that Foster Home... Call it Foster Home for the FAT. Put it on Bravo...or even the Food Channel.

Barring my excellent idea for a reality TV specialty Foster Home... which seems sensible enough and even more transparent (it will be on TV) given the number of strange tort claims that come out of foster homes I can only immagine the outrage if Overweight children are taken from parents and end up dead, raped or missing limbs...

I agree that severe overfeeding is abuse, its just that the foster homes are only an improvement upon a narrower range of abuse.

DHS or Department of Human Services

What do they call Homeland Security in those states? I can't imagine our government can cope with double acronyms.

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