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The War on Memes: Self-Defense is Futile

Perhaps this use of Major Hasan, MD, is a satire on liberalism, but it likely is not.  A few thoughts from liberal pundit Robert Wright, who argues that Hasan's behavior shows why our wars abroad will lead to more violence on our soil:

"The Fort Hood shooting, then, is an example of Islamist terrorism being spread partly by the war on terrorism."

"The American right and left reacted to 9/11 differently. Their respective responses were, to oversimplify a bit: 'kill the terrorists' and 'kill the terrorism meme.'"  [Wright plays off the notion of an Internet meme, while preserving the notion of a belief system.]

"It's true that Major Hasan was unbalanced and alienated -- and, by my lights, crazy. But what kind of people did conservatives think were susceptible to the terrorism meme?"

"That's a reminder that, contrary to right-wing stereotype, Islam isn't an intrinsically belligerent religion."

"The more Americans denigrate Islam and view Muslims in the workplace with suspicion, the more likely the virus is to spread...."

He's partly right on the last point, but the rest is beyond satire.  According to Wright, we're in a war against a "meme."  In such a struggle, it should please Wright no end that an Internet-savvy post-modern author is our Commander-in-Chief.  (Incidentally, that's pronounced "meem"--not "me-me.")  The liberal foreign policy chant (or meme) is to think the enemy may be crazy (and therefore unstoppable but not "intrinsically belligerent").  Does Wright stop to think that maybe 9/11 occurred because the terrorists thought we would be psychologically incapable of defending ourselves? 

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Well, the first step in winning is to face reality. Islam is not "a religion of peace." These people are at war with every other group around them. Ask Egyptian Copts, or Hindus, or Israelis...virtually any group Muslims share a border with find themselves under attack. Even the Chinese have been forced "to deal" with Muslims.

The sooner we begin to understand the true nature of Islamofascism, and just how many millions of Muslims support this broad movement, the better we'll be able to protect ourselves. Memes my ass...what we are dealing with is a vast group of cultural narcissists who can't get over the fact that they didn't finally dominate the world. Bernard Lewis has the right take on this.

I disagree with R. Wright on most stuff, but always thought he was smart. I guess he still is, basically--this is just exhibit #5,678 of the denial of the reality about Islamism making an othewise intelligent person not simply foolish, but just plain stupid.

More disturbingly, this is yet more evidence of the growing liberal tendnecy to think the answer to any problem, no matter how fundamental or serious, is "change the narrative!"

Yes, we'll doublespeak the T-word to death. That's the ticket.

When you read stuff like this don't be fooled. These guys and their friends in the White House aren't stupid. Nobody could be that stupid. They want the Arabs to win. They are guilty of treason.

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