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It's 8 a.m. here, am trying to write a short about Lincoln's idea that writing is the great invention of the world.  Then my cell phone rings.
I haven't talked with my son John in almost a month.  He called just now and said he didn't have time to talk but he needs to know how to say "to your health" in Hungarian.  This was very important because he is with his Marine buddies in a bar in Japan and they are all saying "salud" in Italian to his friend being toasted and this just wasn't good enough.  I told him it is "egeszseggedre" and he thanked me, told me he loved me, and said he would call again.
Back to writing.
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You do know that Okinawa isn't actually in Japan, right?

Scanlon, I am supposed to play the fool! It seems that you are able to one up me at every opportunity.

Okay, I don't get it. Please do explain, Pestis, how Okinawa isn't in Japan. (I'm already aware of the language and culture differences, so you can skip that).

So, thus far, neither of those comments make any sense to me...

I think Pestis is just saying that it isn't part of the main island. Thus, the protests were also not on the main island.

Craig, Okinawa is a prefecture of Japan, but is an island as close to China as to Tokyo, maybe closer.

Here is Wikipedia - - but the maps are not very good.

Try this:

This location makes it handy as a staging area for the US military in the Pacific area, better than Guam ( ) which is our territory and where our our guys would shift to if Japan pressed the point. What our leaving would do to the Okinawan economy makes that unlikely. So does the continued Japanese concerns about China's power in the area.

Tokyo to Naha, Okinawa is a bit under 1,000 miles. So, while both cities are Japan - well, so are Cleveland and New Orleans, which where my Marine will be stationed. Nothing here will bother him, there, except the personal. Given modern communications, distance seems to have shrunk so that a conversation from Japan to Ohio is easy,. However, depending on where that bar in Japan happened to be, being bothered by a protest in Okinawa seems impossible and your comment seems silly.

If the Japs don't want us on Okinawa they shouldve thought of that before they attacked Pearl Harbor.

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