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"We Are Doomed!"

Ben Boychuk and Joel Mathis give us another thoughtful and entertaining podcast--this time with John Derbyshire, author of We Are Doomed:  Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism.  As always, Ben and Joel manage to probe a bit deeper into the subject and to engage the mind of the author in a way that draws him out better than have the majority of radio and television shows that I have seen attempt to interview him.  

Qualifying what I say with the strong caution that I have not yet read the book, I will suggest that I found the message Mr. Derbyshire wants to convey to be a worthy--if not entirely compelling--corrective to the flabby sort of "rah! rah!" and sunny conservatism that too often takes in the most eager (or youthful) among us.  No one wants to fight for a losing team . . . but it is good, always, to remember the limits of politics.  Taken in the right spirit, Mr. Derbyshire's message is less a pronouncement on the inevitable failure or hopelessness of conservatism (though he does seem, in my view, to lean too much toward the retreat unto your own blessed garden approach) as it is a cautionary message about the sweet tragedy of human imperfection and imperfectability. 
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I love Derb's book (which I'm reviewing for CRB), which came as a surprise. I expected to dislike it, but it is laugh-out-loud funny in many places.

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