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Another Shot at AVATAR

...this time from Reihan Salam of Forbes.  Bottom line: "The irony of Avatar is that Cameron has made a dazzling, gorgeous indictment of the kind of society that produces James Camerons."

To tell the truth, I'm not sure how long it's been since Cameron has made a film that I had any interest in seeing.  I can still taste the vomit in my throat from Titanic.

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I've been engaged in a rather heated debate about Avatar on FB. I'm a bit handicapped since I've not seen the movie. I won't see it ... not because of the message, but because I'm just not a fan of FX films.

The debate we had was whether a movie -- loaded with message -- can be enjoyed simply as a screen spectacle. The initial answer is, "Yes" of course. But the more I think about it, the more I'm reluctant to concede that.

It seems the message-makers in Hollywood want us to think that. "No message here ... just entertainment." Then they pump the the heads of the audience with all this leftist drivel.

But I'm at a loss to articulate my complaint without sounding like a stick in the mud. Or a paranoid weirdo.

Interesting comment on the Dennis Prager show yesterday -- have Disney movies with human-like animals (Lion King, etc.) indoctrinated the younger generation over the years to accept the idea of animals and nature as on par with humans?

My opinion -- yes.

Was it intentional? I think not. But does the leftist worldview facilitate the making of movies with such a message? Maybe?

Around here we call that "Bambi Syndrome" as in, the child, usually a girl, watches the movie, "Bambi", identifies with the heartbreak of the anthropomorphic fawn over the death of the mother and the trauma of the life/death struggle during the fire and suddenly Bambi might as well be human and the world looks different than it did before. They have developed "Bambi Syndrome" and symptoms vary. Some won't eat meat for awhile. All despise the uncle who hunts (I wish he didn't make it so easy) and all adults who do not embrace the humanity of the animal, at least the ones with soft eyes.

Maybe some people can watch a movie as spectacle, but I cannot and yes, I think everyone is moved a little by what they see.

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