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Excuse me while I puke

Okay, not the most family-friendly title for an NLT post, but it is a direct quote from the enormous cache of Climategate e-mails that have emerged from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at East Anglia University (or, the "CRUtape Letters," as some are calling them.)  Indeed, the subject line of the e-mail from American scientist Raymond Bradley is "vomit," and that's about how I feel after reading through the entirety of the e-mail stash. 

The amusing thing here is that Bradley writes this comment about one of his own co-authors of the famous "hockey stick" article, the egregious Michael Mann of Penn State.  One of the amazing things about reading through the whole pile is how much these guys disagree with, and occasionally trash, each other.  No wonder they treat people skeptical of their position so rudely.

There's tons more to this story.  I'll have a long piece about the whole matter--what I'm calling the climate campaign's ACORN moment--in the next issue of The Weekly Standard.  Stay tuned.
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