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Happy New Year

I hope you guys enjoy the upgrades we made to No Left Turns this year.  I note in passing that the contents are no better or worse than they have ever been!  You also know that we offer our wit and wisdom at no cost to readers, even though it may be worth something.  Now, being at the end of the year and all, I am asking you to consider coming up with a few bucks to put in our poke.  The tax deductible contributions will help offset the related expenses.

The Ashbrook Center is committed to teaching Americans about themselves and their purposes.  Really, we are just reminding them of things they once knew and held dear.  It's a kind of civics lesson, if you like, but one that re-connects the means with the proper ends of self-government. As we grow and seek excellence in every program--including things like No Left Turns--we never forget that these things are possible only with the support of generous donors.  You can help us by making contribution at Thank you for considering a gift.

My best to you and yours in the New Year.

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At the end of the page on the link you offer we see

"After you click the Submit button below, you will be taken to our secure server where you can enter your credit card or checking account information."

Doing so brings us to a search page and an error message that tells us that the page we seek does not exist. Perhaps a repair is in order?

It is strange that the link is not working for you as it works for others. We don't find a problem. If all else fails, perhaps you could dlick the "Donate" tab on our home page. Thanks for considering!

I want to know what you people plan on doing about certain pro-terrorist individuals who comment on this blog.

Sally, I get to the "Donate" page, but cannot get beyond that to the page that actually takes my money. I will just send a check.

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