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In yet another episode in the continuing Nixonization of Obama, White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers has invoked executive privilege against testifying before Congress.  The White House has it correct, constitutionally.  The real problem here is the frauds who entered the White House back in November, not the party crashers.
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I must admit that since Obama has - unsurprisingly - shown himself more willing to appease conservatives and center-righties than anyone else, I've given up whatever small glimmer of hope I once had in the guy. At this rate, progressives will need to push for a new candidate in 2012.

Still, I think Obama's situation - people want to crash his party - is better than that of the right-wing base of the GOP, a party in which more and more people seem to be looking for the exit. For example (I know you won't miss Sullivan, but Little Green Footballs is on your little blogroll here at NLT):

One for you to read, Craig. And admitting your superiority to me in this one area, would you mind telling me how you are able to include hyperlinks in this new format? I can't seem to muster enough interest to figure it out on my own.

Oh, wait! I see that it is magic! Never mind.

Charles Johnson has gone from being a fear-mongering, name-calling right-winger to a fear-mongering, name-calling left-winger. Sort of reminds me of the ease with which extremists moved between fascism and communism in the 1930s.

Thanks for the link, Julie. I wonder what the folks here think of Rick Moran's take?

Charles Johnson is now a "left-winger"???

Please, John, do elaborate on that.

[Nice job tucking the little Jonah Goldberg dropping in there, too.]

Johnson, in fact, has always considered himself "center-left":

And the notion that people bounced back and forth between fascism and communism in the 1930s is hardly original to Goldberg. It's a phenomenon that virtually every historian to study the period has commented on.

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