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Today's edition of USA Today features a column by Mitt Romney wherein he offers 10 pieces of advice for Barack Obama (advice he, no doubt, does not expect the President will actually heed) in dealing with our economic woes.  They appear to me to be the beginnings of what could be an emerging backbone in the Republican party and, one also hopes, a sign of life therein.  If I were a contender for the Republican nomination in 2012 and my name was not Mitt Romney, I should be very sorry that I had not come out with this article first.  But I would also be working very diligently to adopt its central points as my own and to articulate them in such a way as to inspire enthusiasm for and understanding of them in the electorate.  It is a good beginning . . . but only a beginning.

For those of you in the Southern California area, you may be interested in checking out this conference  scheduled for Saturday and featuring Mitt Romney as its keynote speaker.  The social calendars of my children prevent me from attending and, while I don't resent it, I do regret it.  
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• Close down any talk of carbon cap-and-trade. It will burden consumers and employers with billions in new costs. Instead, greatly expand our commitment to natural gas and nuclear, boosting jobs now and reducing the export of energy jobs and dollars later.

Not exactly denouncing the science is he? In the past Romney spoke of global warming as a fact. I don't think that he or other republicans like McCain should be skirting their dubious record on this subject. If they were duped, admit it and call for criminal charges.

• Create tax incentives that promote business expansion and hiring. For example, install a robust investment tax credit, permit businesses to expense capital purchases made in 2010, and reduce payroll taxes. These will reignite construction, technology and a wide array of capital goods industries, and lead to expanded employment.

Now there are parts of this are good, but it reads like the meme with the missing step two. Extra captial is not a reason to expand. If I had money, but no increase in demand why would I expand?

The carrots thrown out the banksters and military industrial complex are troubling to me as well. Romney seems like a decent candidate, but it is obvious that he is the establishment's choice and that makes me very nervous about him. Would be nice to know where he comes down on the auditing of the Federal Reserve, I imagine based on this column that he would say it would wreck the monetary system and destroy the economy.

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