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The fabled Maureen went all Dowdy on us again the other day, asking what happened to John McCain?  Seems he turned in his "strange new respect award" that is earned by moving to the left, bucking his own party, and gaining media accolades.  "John McCain is no longer the media's delight and his party's burr," MoDo moans. Having returned to the GOP mainstream, at least for now, McCain is no longer "a constructive independent" (that doesn't even require a Cracker Jack decoder ring); worse, the dolorous MoDo asks, "Watching him, one can only wonder: Is McCain betraying his best self?"

Query: Does anyone in the prestige press ever suggest Joe Lieberman is a "constructive independent" or exhibits "his best self" when he bucks Democratic Party orthodoxy?  Didn't think so.  Maybe we should start calling Mo-Do "Nurse One-Way Ratchet."

Meanwhile, like most folks I've been worried that we're due for some rough inflation down the road because of the huge--unprecedented--expansion of the money supply over the last 18 months or so.  Greg Mankiw--a really smart economist--makes strong case that the worry is overblown.  Worth a read.

One reason why my blogging is light right now is that I'm passing the holidays out at the beach, where the last three sunsets have looked like this, this, and finally this.  Happy new year!
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But now MoDo turns out to be part of the right-wing conspiracy, as she wacks Obama.
Not much difference between her and Dick Cheney on this one.

Does anyone really take Maureen Dowd seriously any more?

She's like Andrew Sullivan in a way -- her time has come and gone and now she merely lingers on while nobody really cares what she says or does not say.

Ditto Don Imus.

Yeah, those CA sunsets are something else...I'm out on the west coast also this season...great vids, and happy new year!

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